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Travelogue: One Day in Vienna

Posted on August 15th, 2004 filed in Travelogues    |   

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Streets of Vienna

Vienna is the luxurious, capital city of Austria. Situated in central Europe, in the vicinity of the Czech Republic and Hungary, it lies along the Bank of the Danube River.

I spent a day in Vienna, and it is a must see destination from every possible angle.

The transportation in Vienna is very practical. There are Trams, metros and Buses everywhere. They run at a high frequency and are very safe. Taking a bus from the airport to the middle of Down Town is a 40 minute ride and costs about 10 Euros.

My first impression of Vienna is that it is a spacious, clean city, vivacious and filled with style and culture. The people of Vienna are very courteous and friendly. I was struck of how well dressed they are. You see men in suits and women in chic dresses and high heels scurrying around the city. However, most of the population does not speak English, so unless you can manage with German, you will encounter the language barrier.

There are lovely cafes everywhere, with a wide variety of choices and the aroma of coffee is simply mouth-watering. The Viennese Coffee with cream is world renowned and that is for a good reason!

There are literally desert shops with delicious windows displaying sweets and cakes on every corner (instead of the US Starbucks). It is part of their traditions, and you must try their famous hot apple strudel ‘Apfelstrudel’ (referred to in Sound of Music), the dumplings and chocolate cake ‘Sachertorte’.

The smell of hot chestnut and fried potatoes being sold on small corner stands is another
delicious attraction typical to Vienna. As for restaurants, around 20$ should suffice for a good authentic or international meal.

Walking around the city is a cultural experience it itself. Every corner is a photo opportunity. You can spend a few days simple walking around. The architecture is grandiose dating from centuries ago to very modern. Every window is decorated by a sculpture, the presence of the church, revealing the history of the city, is in every stone.

In the heart of the city is a broad boulevard filled with attractions called ‘The Ringstrasse’. There is located the jurassic ‘Saint Stephen’s Cathedral’, which was first built in 1147 (107 m long and 34m wide) and is unique in the world. There is also the Opera House, the parliament, the town hall and many, many beautiful churches.

There are many wonderful, vast green parks with monuments and sculpture representing old myths, history and religion. There are many museums in the city as well, I found the Sissi Museum interesting to see.

There are also many Opera houses of the highest caliber and many classical music concerts for the Austrian musicians Strauss and Beethoven are often available.

Vienna is truly a dream, inspirational city! Every corner is majestic in its architecture and culture. The Music of Beethoven, Strauss and Mozart is in every shop. Visiting the Imperial Palace is walking the path of the world renowned Empress Sissy, and quite honestly you cannot but feel like royalty in this ostentatious city!

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