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Mont Tremblant: Great skiing Destination in North America

Posted on February 25th, 2002 filed in Travelogues    |   

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Just returned from a fabulous one week ski trip to Mont Tremblant.

Location: 90 minutes drive from Montreal (1 hour from Airport).

Lodging: There are lots of lodges and chalets. If an indoor jacuzzi or an outdoors hot tub is of interest, then best bet would be to stay within a short drive of main ski resort. This also would get a more sapcious place and cost you less.

The resort itself is extremely well developed and is reminiscent of european ski destinations in Swiss Alps. There are many ski slopes for all skiing levels to enjoy. Numerous instructors on site offer 1 hour, day, or week instructions and are quite reasonably priced (Far less than Europe or Colorado in the US). As expected, you can rent all kinds of ski equipment and clothing there is case you do not bring your own. The ski lift tickets are also not outrageous by all means.

But Tremblant fun is not restricted to skiing.

There are many lovely restaurants on site catering to different cuisines each with its rustic look and burning wood fireplace.

There are also numeous fun activities to enjoy. One must try the three-hour dog-sledding trip or the iceskating rink. Must avoid however are snowmobiles. My particular experience was miserable. I was part of a 20 snowmobile convoy and had an extremely uncomfortable, harshly bumpy, markedly noisy, and diesel smoke polluted 2 hour trip that left me with serious back pain and a pledge to never go through such misery in the future.

That aside, the trip was a wonderful getaway and lots of fun. One can’t go wrong at Mont Tremblant.

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