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Montreal Tips for Summer Visits

Posted on August 30th, 2003 filed in Travel Tips    |   

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Favourite things to do and enjoy in Montreal:

1) Stroll in Vieux Montreal and enjoy all the outdoors fun and various street shows.

2) Lunch in Vieux Montreal (Au Vieux port is my favorite)
3) Rent a bicycle (Tandem if two people) from vieux port and spend a two hours fun ride. Go over the bridge to the tiny islands there. Fabulous experience.

4) Montreal Jazz festival
6) An outdoor concert (Many are given free every year in the summer)

7) Explore Montreal Underground and marvel at how a whole city exists underground
8) Day (and night) out at Mont Royal (Between Sherbrook and St. Joseph): various funky stores, ethnic eateries, and night clubs.
9) Take a cable car to Big O (Stade Olympique)

10) White water rafting at “Riviere Rouge”

Things to avoid:

Parajet water-rafting-wanna-be ride: Very uncomfortable bumpy ride with very high potential to swallow significant amount of water. Drown like feeling. Must avoid.

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One Response to “Montreal Tips for Summer Visits”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Montreal truly is a charming, beautiful, fun and safe city…Of course you can do all the things you mentioned above but there are also endless things to do…Of course there is the Montreal Jazz Festival for all the Jazz lovers and Jazz amateurs such as myself but there is also Just For Laughs Festival which is in both English and French (Juste pour Rire) which is a comedy Festival with something hilarious to all ages ans tastes ….

    There is the happening night clubs on Crescent, StLaurent, St Denis, the cafes all over the city from St-Catherine, Cresent, St-Laurent, Le Plateau, Old Montreal….. There is the endless shopping centers with beautiful clothes at a wide range of price all over St Catherine, there are multistory bookstores…. there is “La Ronde” and roller coaster heaven for kids, there are many parks where one can sit, read, roller blade or bicycle…. There are so many international restaurants from Greek, to Lebanese, to Chinese, to French to Malaysian to Sushi….

    Transportation in Montreal s super easy, of course you can rent a car but you do not need to, Montreal has a very developed and friendly, clean, safe easy to use underground Metro system where people of all ages and classes use it. You also have buses that are very punctual.

    I would vote Montreal as my top city if it weren’t for its long winters…but even then it is an advantage to go St Sauveur and Mont Tremblant and ski and if you are in the city, well Montreal has an unbelievably well developed underground passageways that you often you remain in these heated, decorated underground halls get from point A to B

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