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Cape Town Travel Guide

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Cape Town is the southersmost city of the African continent and has lots to offer to a wide variety of tourist and travelers. It is a must visit city and many consider it the first place to visit and experience in Cape Town.

I’ve been to this city many times and have spent months there. It is on my short list of cities to be enjoyed over and over and a must visit every few years.

Here are the top 10 things I love about Cape Town:

1) The Oceans: Cape Town is the meeting place of the indian and atlantic ocean and is beyond spectacular in its beauty and scenery. The meeting of the oceans renders this city quite peculiar in that beaches on the atlantic side have far colder waters than those on the indian side with a whopping 10-15 degrees difference. So you can swim in warm waters on the Indian side then drive 15 minutes to the Atlantic and have your taste at really cold water.

2) Table Mountain: This famous peak gets its name from the fact that it has a very flat top that looks like a table. Frequently surrounded by clouds, Table Mountain can be accessed via Skytrain or for those active spirits, hiking. On a clear day, the views from the top are breathtaking and a great reason for a picnic there.

3) Hikers paradise: Cape Town is a hiking destination and offers many breathtaking hikes of various duration and difficulty. Whether it’s 1 hour or 7 days, easy walk or steep climb, crowded or off the beaten path, cape Town has it covered. You can hike up table mountain or take a 7-days out of this world walk from table mountain till Cape Point. Expect to be overwhelmed by the beauty around you and by the infinite display of landscapes, oceans, and wilderness.

4) Spectacular scenic drives: Take a car and drive from the waterfront till Camps Bay and onto Hout Bay. Or head your wheels on False Bay heading south from Muizenberg till Cape Point. If you thought that US1 is a really fab drive, wait till you experience Cape Town.

5) Culture Immersion: Cape Town is an African City with lots of history that includes the apartheid and Nelson Mandela. Like all of South Africa, it is picking itself from years and years of segregation and racism and heading firmly to a bright, secure, and prosperous future. There are ample guided walks that introduce and educate visitors about Cape Town, its various districts and communities, its history, and its aspirations for the future. A must do is a visit to a township on a Sunday, an eye opening experience and an oportunity to understand, appreciate, and modestly contribute to those on the unfortunate side of apartheid.

(Continued in part 2, coming soon)

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