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Cape Town Travel Guide

Posted on April 17th, 2009 filed in Travel, Travel Tips
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Cape Town is the southersmost city of the African continent and has lots to offer to a wide variety of tourist and travelers. It is a must visit city and many consider it the first place to visit and experience in Cape Town.

I’ve been to this city many times and have spent months there. It is on my short list of cities to be enjoyed over and over and a must visit every few years.

Here are the top 10 things I love about Cape Town:

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Travel Article: Spain Travel Tips

Posted on September 29th, 2005 filed in Travel Tips

1) There are two very original and must see (and experience) festivals in Spain:

a) Running from the Bulls :

This takes place from July 6-14 in Pamplona (250 miles hours north of Madrid, in the vicinity of Bilboa, close to the Atlantic Ocean, and near the start of the Pyrenees mountains). Basically, and as its name implies, at 7:00 am of each morning, thousands of locals and tourists gather to basically run from a hord of bulls, released from the stables. The event lasts for 10 minutes and is for the most part safe (There have been a small number of injuries and few fatalities reported in the history of the festival so far). Risk of injury would statistically be more from stampede (In case of tripping) than from the bulls.

b) Tomatina Festival:

This occurs on August 31 in Valencia on the eastern coast of Spain, a short distance south of Barcelona. Tens of thousands of people converge on this small town to take place in the largest tomato fight in the world. Dozens of trucks unload ripe tomatoes and then it’s every one for him(her)self. Few minutes later, it is over. The cleaning crew takes over and shortly afterwards, everything is back to normal with no sign whatsoever of what just happened.

2) The best time to visit Spain is April-June and September-October. July and August are extremely hot (Exception being the Atlantic border and the northern part of the country). In the afternoon during these two months, stores close and everyone goes for siesta.

3) Each part of Spain has its own character, appeal, and charm: Atlantic coast, Madrid, Barcelona, Andalussia, Canary islands, Majorcas,…). You need no less than 3 weeks (Preferably 4) to have a full itinerary and visit most of the country.

4) Ibiza is the current partying capital of the world. You can take a ferry from Barcelona or Valencia or fly from a large number of european cities.

5) Tapas are a must to try when in a spanish restaurant. This is a collection of a variety of ethnic foods served in small plates.

6) Spain currency is the euro.

7) Spain is part of the Shengen agreement regarding visas. Americans and Canadians do not need a visa to visit Spain.

Montreal Tips for Summer Visits

Posted on August 30th, 2003 filed in Travel Tips
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Favourite things to do and enjoy in Montreal:

1) Stroll in Vieux Montreal and enjoy all the outdoors fun and various street shows.

2) Lunch in Vieux Montreal (Au Vieux port is my favorite)
3) Rent a bicycle (Tandem if two people) from vieux port and spend a two hours fun ride. Go over the bridge to the tiny islands there. Fabulous experience.

4) Montreal Jazz festival
6) An outdoor concert (Many are given free every year in the summer)

7) Explore Montreal Underground and marvel at how a whole city exists underground
8) Day (and night) out at Mont Royal (Between Sherbrook and St. Joseph): various funky stores, ethnic eateries, and night clubs.
9) Take a cable car to Big O (Stade Olympique)

10) White water rafting at “Riviere Rouge”

Things to avoid:

Parajet water-rafting-wanna-be ride: Very uncomfortable bumpy ride with very high potential to swallow significant amount of water. Drown like feeling. Must avoid.


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