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Travel Article: Toronto Gems

Posted on March 17th, 2005 filed in travel articles    |   

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My list of favorite things to do and enjoy in Toronto:

1) Roller blade or bicycle on the 40 mile waterfront path by Ontario Lake

2) Take the ferry (May-September) from Queens Quay to Toronto Islands and have a great outdoors day.

3) Enjoy great dining in the Entertainment District. Catch a movie in the fabulous ‘Famous Players’ movie theatre on Richmond and John

4) Check out Cinematheque listing and see if any favorite classic movie is showing on the big screen Last time, I watched ‘The Apartment’ the hilarious film by Jack palance and Shirly Maclaine. Another time, I landed on ‘Seven Year Itch’, arguably the most memorable movie of the late Marilyn Monroe.

5) Have a fabulous brunch buffet on Sunday at the roof of Westin Harbour Castle.

6) Attend an open air hockey game in Air Canada Center. Whenever weather permits, they slide off the roof and it’s an awesome experience.

7) Attend a concert at the Air Canada Center. I still recall the Eric Clapton concert as it were yesterday.

8) Attend one of the many musicals playing at the various theatres. Toronto is considered the third musical country of the world after New York and London. Mamma Mia world premiere was there and it was fabulous.

9) Attend an Opera at the Humminbird Center for the Performing Arts. The Toronto Opera Society usually does a great job with reasonably priced lavish productions.

10) Stroll in Yonge Street (Longest street in the world)
11) Have a night out with outdoor dining in gorgeous Yorkville.

12) Check out the various luxury stores in Yorkville.

13) Spend a day of nice weather at The Beaches. Clamor in warm sand for miles and miles.

14) Take a side trip to Port Hope (In September) and be ready for more salmon than you have ever seen (Migration destination).

15) Attend the Toronto International Fim Festival in September. It is the second most important film festival after Cannes.

16) In the winter, ice skating on the waterfront at the Harbourfront center.

17) Toronto skyline admiration from the Islands in the summer and the rotating restaurant at the top floor of the Westin Harbour Castle.
Things to avoid in Toronto:

1) Driving. One can literally get stuck in traffic for hours in rush periods. Walking is the best method of transportation followed by subway and then cab. Driving is the worst.

a) Significant time will be wasted in traffic

b) Parking, as in any big city, is extremely expensive.

c) A cab will drop one at the door whereas you can only park in parking facilities which may be 5-10 minutes walking distance

Recommendation: Rent a car in case of outside trips. In all other instances walk, bike, rollerblade, take the subway, or a cab.

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