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The Different Flavors of Scuba Diving

Posted on December 8th, 2006 filed in travel articles    |   

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There are different types of Scuba Dives and Scuba diving holidays each having its unique characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages.

Wreck Diving: When a ship sinks, it creates a great habitat for marine life and an environment where lots of marine species thrive. This in turn translates into great diving and great locations for underwater photographers. Wreck dives also offer a unique blend of history and diving as ship wreckage is associated with a war, pirates, a treasure, or accidents. Many world war II wrecked ships now rank among the top diving spots.

Shore diving: As its name implies, shore diving allows one to walk a short distance from the beach to begin diving. Examples include Netherland Antilles in the Caribbean, Red Sea, and Borneo. This type of diving offers the advantage of not needing to waste time to reach the diving spots.

“Live aboard” diving trips: Liveaboard is basically a diving trip that usually spans many days and that takes place while traveling on a ship. The advantages here include the ability to make 2-3 dives each day without having to waste a large portion of the day commuting to a diving spot a bit away from the shore. In addition, a liveaoard allows diving in various diving spots while traveling short distances each day (say 30 minutes daily). Finally, such trip allows one to share experiences with similarly minded individuals, divers with all levels of experience, and underwater photographers.

Dry Suit diving This is a more advanced diving that requires additional training beyond the original open water certification. Naturally, dry suit diving is the only diving available in cold water temperatures like North America, UK, and winter diving. The Dry suit would completely insulate the body from the cold water and keeps everything dry.

Ice Diving For even more extreme divers, ice diving is an ultimate and quite unusual experience for thrill seakers. Even more training is required for this type of diving that usually takes place in the various locations that have significant amount of ice such as the arctic and antarctic. The diver would stay anchored to a person that would be outside the water and that can pull the person out if needed. The scenery would be quite different too as one would be swimming with penguins and walruses instead of clownfish.

Diving with tiger sharks For the real extreme thrill seeker diver, South Africa offers the option of caged diving where the diver in inside a cage in a shark rich area and bloody meat is given to these sharks just outside the cage causing them to congregate and offering the diving an amazing close but still safe encounter with these ferocious yet fascinating creatures.

Recently, similar activities are starting to get offered by major aquariums around the world where a diver can go in a cage into the swimming pool at the time of shark or gator feeding.

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