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Niagara Falls: Marvelous Year Round

Posted on March 10th, 2004 filed in travel articles    |   

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Canadian Nigara Falls is one of those places that you cannot have enough and that has lots to offer year round. My least favorite is the overly touristic and tacky downtown and all its touristic traps. But that aside, there are lots of things to do and enjoy.

Summer: (May-September)
A) Favorite Attractions:

1) Maid of the Mist : Get an upclose look at the falls in this long standing must-experience boat tradition

2) Journey Behind the Falls: Walk down stairs behind the falls. Must do.

3) Whirlpool Aero Car : Awesome view of the falls through a suspended cable car.
Favorite Spots:

1) Botanical Garden / Butterfly Museum: Great place to take a break and have lunch. Nature at its prime with many acres of flowers and plants. Hosts the school of horticulture.

2) Floral Clock: Huge clock made of flowers.

3) Niagara on the Lake: My favorite of all. Gorgeous town in the midst of nature and perfect choice for bicycling and rollerblading due to the dedicated lanes that course in the midst of trees next to the lake.

B) Winter:

The Falls freeze over and it is spectacular. Best enjoyed from a falls view room at the Marriott. The experience is undescribable as you absorb the view in complete awe. Make sure you come on weekdays however. Weekends can be 4-5x more expensive!

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