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Personal Poetry: If all I had was my pencil….

Posted on August 23rd, 2003 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems    |   

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(This poem is about the beauty in this world, fine things that matter, and nonsensical injustice on the large scale… How we must write our thoughts and knowledge before we pass on…)
If I had nothing left for me in this world;
If I lose my one true love, my family,
My home and all my money,
I will draw on my pencil
And write down the script of my life
Pour out all that is in me….
I will write about all those that I loved,

About this world, this humanity,
All this injustice and its purity,
All the sadness and its beauty,
All the hatred and its multiplicity….
I will write about the bridges and the lakes
Man’s accomplishments and his mistakes,
The face of my mother, her warmth,
And how it protected me.
I will write of the rain, the snow,
Life’s fever and its glow,
The sun and the moon and all of God’s glories,
I will write of a song, a prayer,
I once heard at dawn
And how it filled me.
If I had nothing but my pencil
I will write on every stone, on every tree,
Of everything that I see around me…
I will write of my friend who made me laugh
Every time, religiously,
And the one who never let me down
But couldn’t understand me,
The one who lived in fear,
And the one I thought was real…
Of my niece that I held in sleep,
And the one I loved so intensely,
Of deep blue eyes,
Of a few rare moments I felt complete peace,
Of my mum who always spoke words I needed to hear,
Of my sister’s green eyes, the endless extent of their beauty.
I will write with the clouds of the skies,
Of all my questions and all the hurtful goodbyes,
Of the ultimate truth
How we each live in our own reality!
Of the death of strong men and women,
Innocent children, who fought viciously,
For their faith, for their land,
I wonder why? There is enough room for everybody.
Of all the oppression, the treason, the ugliness, the waste…
I will write history,
On every inch that I see,
I will draw the pain and the irony,
The lies and the mistaken glories,
With my blood, I will write till there is none left in me…

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2 Responses to “Personal Poetry: If all I had was my pencil….”

  1. Emile Says:

    Notre destin, notre chemin, notre vie est unique. C’est ce que ce poème représente pour moi, celui qui me rejoint le plus, celui où j’ai cru me retrouver et vivre à l’intérieur de ses mots…

  2. Emile Says:

    Notre destin, notre chemin, notre vie est unique… Immortaliser chaque jours, chaque moments et chaque personne qui passent. C’est ce que j’ai ressenti et ce que j’ai vécu à travers ces mots…

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