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Personal Poetry: My Grandmother

Posted on April 8th, 2002 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems    |   

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(This Poem is obviously about my Grandmother, to whom I was very close and what I felt she got very ill before she passed away)

The storming words spoken only through her intense stare,
Her eyes filled with her life stories- just passing by,
Her hand tightly holding mine
Out of love, out of pain, out of fear,
Her gaze questioning our faces
Looking for answers, for clues,
Knowing that she is soon to leave,
And perhaps the excruciating pain in her body
Is making her wish she could end this agony
And go off towards eternity…
Was her life a happy or sad journey?
She had a large family and some money
Raised five girls to her full capacity,
Including my own mother,
Who, in turn, nurtured her like a baby.
Her hands, so white, so soft,
Touching my face, my hair,
Wanting in stillness to say goodbye
To tell me: ‘not to be sad and not to worry’
Letting go is hard to do,
She had prayed for us all and paid all her dues,
And now forced to silence, forced to bed,

Death is near…

Loudness and movement followed by silence and stillness
I wish she could tell me one more time
Not to cry, for with God’s presence there is nothing to fear.
In this hour of sorrow,
After the tempest of her struggle
Complete nothingness and void…
She was a dreamer and now a dream,
A visitor, a thought,
An ever-lasting memory.

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