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Personal Poetry: I Have invented you

Posted on August 21st, 2002 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems    |   

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(This poem is about inventing your perfect someone!)

I Have invented you

With the ink of my heart

And the stars of my night

I have invented you….

With the tears of my soul

And the dreams of my imagination

I have invented you…

And I fell madly in love with you

Until I got to know you

And I had to leave you.

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2 Responses to “Personal Poetry: I Have invented you”

  1. Paris Says:

    It is unfortunately all too true, we often fall in love with the idea we have made of someone more that the actual reality of who that person is and actually represents…we have this model in our head and we try to stigmatize whoever falls in our way to this mold…but unfortunately it never fits!

  2. JOE Says:

    its where i am today.

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