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Personal Poetry: Hope

Posted on February 2nd, 2003 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems    |   

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(This poem describes my impression of a close friend who was suffering from a terminal illness….)

Lying in those same white sheets,
For days, staring at this empty chair
Ceased to notice the dreadful combination
Of blood and medicine,
I cannot seem to remember ever feeling

Other than this powerful emptiness that has invaded me,
Making me wonder which is worth,
The disease slowly eating up my body
Or the one taking over my spirits?
Went through violent roller-coasters,
Until I stumbled and got deeply drilled into a black hole
In which I have no saying.
I wish I could cry…
At least shedding some tears would symbolise
Disappointment, sadness, the energy to protest and
Know that my life is worth crying over,
But I can’t…
I am too tired.

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