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Lucky Number Slevin Movie Review (8/10)

Posted on November 7th, 2006 filed in Movie Reviews
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Summary: When Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) headed to New York to visit his friend Nick Fisher, little did he know what awaits him. First he gets mugged, loses his wallet and IDs, and gets his nose broken. Second, Nick is nowhere to be found and there is no sign as to where he may be. Third, two gangs of mobsters looking for Nick confuse Slevin for him and drag him, one at a time, to see their feuding bosses, The Boss (Morgan Freeman) and The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley). Seems that Nick is in deep trouble. He owes The Boss $96,000 and The Rabbi $33,000 both from gambling bets. Slevin’s efforts to explain the case of mistaken identity are in vain. The Boss offers him a chance to wipe out his debts by killing The Rabbi’s son. The Rabbi himself offers to forgive the debt as well in return for him killing The Boss. To make things even more complicated, Mr. Smith (Bruce Willis) a high profile hired assassin seems to be pulling the strings behind the scenes on both sides. And finally there is detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) that is running 24 hour surveillance on both gangs and subsequently Slevin. The only bright side amidst all this chaos is Lindsey (Lucy Liu), Nick’s neighbor and the city coroner, who takes an immediate liking to Slevin. She also loves playing detective and decides to investigate Nick’s disappearance.

Stretching Prevents Back Injury

Posted on October 4th, 2006 filed in Health
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The North American Spine Society advises that inflexible Hamstrings increase one’s risk of a slipped disk as tightness in muscles can create imbalance that adds strain on disks.

It thus recommends a hamstring stretch twice a day for 30 second for each leg.

Hard Candy Movie Review (9/10)

Posted on September 20th, 2006 filed in Movie Reviews
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Following a sexually charged and flirtatious online chat session between Thonggrrl14 and LensMan319, they agree to meet. Jeff and Hayley seem to immediately hit it off exchanging various ‘I like you much’ signals to each other. Hayley asks if Jeff wants some Tiramisu, he picks some from her lips. Jeff buys a tee shirt to Hayley and insists she models it for him. She does but only after flashing him in a semistage of undress. Hayley seems the most assertive of the two and aggressively pursues Jeff until he agrees to take her to his home. I know what you’re thinking. This is just another ad movie about how online encounters can successfully evolve into real relationships. But that’s of course because you are not aware of a very simple detail: Hayley is 14 and Jeff is 32!

Water and Tea For The Heart

Posted on September 12th, 2006 filed in Health
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Drinking 1 liter or more of water a day reduces the risk of heart disease by two thirds according to a study by Loma Linda University.
Another study showed that this amount of water intake boosts one’s HDL (Good Cholesterol) Level by 10%.

The American Heart Association states that men who drink 2 cups of tea per day have significantly stronger hearts. Flavonoids in tea improve your vessel’s ability to relax and thin the blood thus reducing risk of clotting.

Low Carb Diet in Italy?

Posted on September 2nd, 2006 filed in Nutrition
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I am subscribed to the low carb eating lifestyle and try to avoid any foods that are abundant with processed flour, starch, sugar, and other addictive-and-health-damaging powder ingredients. Prior to embarking on an extended months-long trip around Italy, I wondered how hard it will be, if at all possible, for me to stick to this eating lifestyle while continuously changing locations, moving from city to city, always staying at hotels, and having no recourse to prepare my own food.

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Alzheimer Skin Test

Posted on August 27th, 2006 filed in Health
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Alzheimer, which currently is disgnosed using psychiatric assessment, may soon be detected through a doctor’s office skin test. US researchers say they have discovered enzymes that react abnormally only in the skin of Alzheimer’s patients. This will allow the early diagnosis of Alzheimer and subsequently its early treatment.

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