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The Descent Movie Review (8/10)

Posted on January 7th, 2007 filed in Movie Reviews

Summary: One year following a tragic accident that killed her husband and daughter, Sarah joins her girlfriends on a caving expedition in the Appalachian mountains. Two miles underground they realize that Juno, the adrenaline-junkie adventure leader, has decided to take them down an unexplored cave route hoping that the girls would be the first to discover and thus name this cave. Things don’t go as expected however. A tunnel collapses blocking the entry route, trapping the girls and leaving them struggling for survival amongst numerous dangers that include their physical, mental, and psychological strains, a colony of blood thirsty mutant predators and each other.

Review: ‘The Descent’ is a tightly knit, claustrophobically filmed, skillfully acted and masterfully directed horror movie that is likely one of the most terrifying movies that have graced our screens since ‘The Ring’. You literally find yourself immersed in this underground world, with labored breathing, racing pulse, and facial sweats, wondering with the girls what lies ahead at the next turn, tunnel or chamber.

Director Nick Marshall is the master of his domain and he knows it.

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Got Asthma? Make Sure You Are Well Stocked

Posted on January 4th, 2007 filed in Health
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25% of asthma sufferers fall upon an empty inhaler during an asthma attack leading to more serious problems states a study at the Capital Allergy and Respiratory Disease Center.

One should take note of the number of doses listed on the package insert and keep count as there is no way to tell how much medication one has used and the inhaler still puffs air even when empty. Even better would be to attach a battery operated counter to the inhaler’s top.

Wanna Live Longer? Have one Salad Each Day

Posted on January 2nd, 2007 filed in Nutrition
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Salads are rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. Furthermore, they have no processed food, no saturated fat, and no trans fats. There is no enriched flour, chemicals, or other harmful substances. And so obviously it is healthy and does wonders for you.

Recently, a study by Louisiana State University researchers involving more than 17,000 individuals found that those who ate just one serving of salad daily consumed significantly more folate, vitamins B6, C and E than those who didn’t. Furthermore, and most importantly, one daily serving of salad was shown to increase longevity by 2 years!

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Aerobic Exercise Protects Against Colon Cancer

Posted on December 15th, 2006 filed in Health
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Men with a 5 hours per week aerobic exercise regimen have a 13% decrease in the marker for colon cancer. The way this works is not very clear but we know that exercise increases both the speed of transit of the intestinal contents (Sedentary folks have higher incidence of constipation) and the level of good (HDL) cholesterol. The first effect minimizes the exposure time of carcinogens passing through the intestine and the second results in decrease of blood sugar and insulin which are associated with cancer.

The Different Flavors of Scuba Diving

Posted on December 8th, 2006 filed in travel articles
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There are different types of Scuba Dives and Scuba diving holidays each having its unique characteristics, benefits, and disadvantages.

Wreck Diving: When a ship sinks, it creates a great habitat for marine life and an environment where lots of marine species thrive. This in turn translates into great diving and great locations for underwater photographers. Wreck dives also offer a unique blend of history and diving as ship wreckage is associated with a war, pirates, a treasure, or accidents. Many world war II wrecked ships now rank among the top diving spots.

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Kiss Me You Fool

Posted on November 22nd, 2006 filed in Health
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A Japanese study recently showed that kissing can reduce allergic reactions as well as boost the immune system to fight infections. According to the study kissing will increase the production of the Th1 cytokines and white blood cells and these stop the production of IgE, the antibody that starts the allergic reaction.

Other health benefits of kissing include:

  1. The extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque.
  2. A serious, tongue-tangling French kiss exercises all the underlying muscles of the face and thus help keep these young.
  3. Kissing burns 2 calories per minute

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