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Favorite Harry Potter Spells Part 1

Posted on August 28th, 2007 filed in Movie Talk

In preparation for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I recently organized a Harry Potter week during which I watched the first 4 installments of the Harry Potter series. Having thoroughly enjoyed these, I decided to write a number of Harry Potter themed articles that would offer a tiny glimpse into the amazing fantasy world of JK Rowlings.

Mumble some words, point your wand correctly and voila! That’s all it takes for those Hogwarts to get some great things done. Had we had those spell casting powers, there is no limit to how our life would be better.

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Aspirin…Coat is Cool

Posted on August 5th, 2007 filed in Health
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Aspirin is well known to protect against heart disease and stroke and it is currently recommended that all individuals above 40 take one aspirin tab a day. It seems however that not all aspirins are created alike. A Stroke Journal study recently noted that coated Aspirin may not be as effective as plain Aspirin in preventing coronary heart disease. Doctors normally prescribe coated aspirin to protect the stomach lining, and thus prevent ulcer.

The journal however recommends taking a smaller dose (75 mg) of uncoated aspirin instead of the usually prescribed 350 mg (1 adult tab) as the lower dose provides all the benefits with less likelihood of side effects.

Live Free or Die Hard Movie Review (8.0/10)

Posted on July 22nd, 2007 filed in Movie Reviews
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A ruthless computer terror group unleashes a major cyber attack on the US literally shutting down the country in a swift. Traffic lights (and subsequent car crashes) go berserk, communications of all kind stop, power goes down, and bank accounts are emptied. There is one gleam of hope however…John McClane is here to ‘Yippie_Ki_Yay’ those Mot***F***ers and has teamed up with a hacker whiz Matt Farrell and his excellency ‘Warlorck’, a hacker guru that runs his command center from the basement of his ‘freaky’ mother’s house.

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Trip Report: Scuba Diving in Bali

Posted on July 19th, 2007 filed in Travelogues
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Just returned from a fabulous diving trip in Bali. In addition to being a true exotic destination, Bali offers great diving with five star certified Paddi operators, and various diving sites each with its own flavor, and rich marine life.

Bali lies on the Indian Ocean in South East Asia northwest of Australia. Diving can be enjoyed all year round thanks to its tropical climate and the usual 25-30 celsius degrees water temperature.

The main diving sites in Bali include:

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Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Movie Review (7/10)

Posted on June 3rd, 2007 filed in Movie Reviews


Lord Becket has teamed up with Davy Jones to eradicate all pirates in order to ensure the safety of the East Indian Company ships. Faced with extinction, the pirate lords from all over the world decide that their only chance in survival lies in their joining their forces and recruit whatever assistance they can find including that of Calypso, the goddess of the sea . To achieve the latter, a price must be paid, namely the liberation of Calypso from her Tia Delma entrapment following her Davy Jones betrayal. Her release however can only happen when all nine lords bring together in person their nine ‘pieces of eight’. This necessitates that all nine lords be present including Barbossa, killed earlier by Jack Sparrow, and Jack Sparrow himself, lately swallowed by the Kraken and transferred to Jones locker at ‘World’s End’ . Barbossa is resurrected by Tia Delma and leads the crew charged with the task of rescuing Jack Sparrow from World’s End.

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Perfume Movie Review (9/10)

Posted on May 31st, 2007 filed in Movie Reviews


Jean Baptiste Grenouille early life has been nothing less than miserable. Born in the most despicable way in the dirt of a fishery to a mother that wanted him dead, he spent his first few years in orphanage and then was sold to do hard menial work in one of the dirtiest underground neighborhoods of 18th century Paris (1738 to be exact).

He has one great talent however and that is an immaculate sense of smell that allows him to appreciate odors that go unnoticed by other people. Following a short and deadly encounter with a street vendor, he becomes obsessed with her smell and determined to find a way to recreate it.

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