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Sweet Home Alabama Movie Review (6/10)

Posted on December 15th, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews
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Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) is a sensational Fashion Designer in New York City. She just got proposed to in the most romantic manner by her handsome, high society boyfriend, Andrew, who also happens to be the son of Kate, the ruthless NY city mayor, played by Candice Bergen. But before getting married to Andrew, Melanie must go back to her small home town in Alabama and force her high school sweetheart, Jake (Played by Josh Lucas), whom she left years ago to sign the divorce papers. But things are not that simple, and to further complicate matters, Andrew decides to pop in for a surprise visit in Alabama…

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Rush Hour 2 Movie Quotes

Posted on November 29th, 2002 filed in Movie Quotes
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Saw this movie again today on DVD. LOL…

James Carter: Secret Service Agent James Carter, I like the sound of it. Won’t be long before I’m in Washington D.C. protectin’ the President.
Lee: We both know you wouldn’t take a bullet for someone else.
James Carter: Yeah but they don’t know that.


James Carter: [Snatching away a Chinese gangster’s towel and looking at him naked] No wonder you mad!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie Review (8/10)

Posted on November 19th, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews
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After a very unpleasant summer being locked up in the spare bedroom at the Dursley’s, Harry is looking forward to go back for his second year at Hogwarts. Dobby, a house Elf, suddenly appears and warns Harry that he must not return to Hogwarts or else disaster will strike. But Harry ignores the warnings and is rescued by the Weasley’s in a flying car. Once at Hogwarts, Harry discovers that he is the subject of more attention and more hatred. A series of mysterious, dangerous events start occurring and a monster at school is petrifying (turning to stone) many mudbloods students (from muggle-non-magical- parents). Meanwhile, Harry hears voices, speaks Parsel Tongue (snake language) and everyone suspects that he is the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets. Together, with Ron and Hermione, guided by of Tom Riddle’s diary, which sheds light on the past, they will try to solve this mysterious and deadly secret.

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Personal Poetry: ÊTRE

Posted on November 9th, 2002 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems
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(This poem is about the confusion we feel during adolescence and the desire to be what we are not)

Je voudrais être
Ce que J’ai toujours voulu être,
Mais pour que Je sois
Ce que Je veux être,
Je devrais être ce que Je ne le suis pas.

Will Smith Awesome Monologue in Six Degrees Of Separation

Posted on October 28th, 2002 filed in Movie Talk
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A substitue teacher out on Long Island was dropped from his job for fighting with a student. A few weeks later, he returned to the classroom, shot the student—unsuccessfully—held the class hostage, and then shot himself… Successfully. This fact caught my eye; last sentence, Times: ‘A neighbor described the teacher as a nice boy; always reading Catcher in the Rye. This nitwit Chapman, who shot John Lennon, said he did it because he wanted to draw the attention of the world to Catcher in the Rye; and the reading of this book would be his defense. Young Hinckley—the ‘wiz-kid’ who shot Reagan and his press secretary—said: ‘If you want my defense, all you have to do is read … Catcher in the Rye.’

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Memorable Movie Scenes Part 3

Posted on October 17th, 2002 filed in Memorable Movie Scenes
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1) Bus flying bridge gap in ‘Speed’

2) Ursula Andress coming out of the water in Dr. No

3) Cameron Diaz entering the bank in ‘The Mask’

4) The ‘Pie’ incident in ‘American Pie’

5) Sharon Stone Interrogation Scene in ‘Basic Instinct’

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