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Cold Mountain Movie Review (8.5/10)

Posted on February 17th, 2004 filed in Movie Reviews
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This is the movie adaptation of Charles Frazier’s Award-winning novel. It tells the dramatic love story of a beautiful, young, southern couple, Inman and Ada, forced to be separated by the American Civil War, at the peek of their infatuation. During the intense battle scenes, Ada’s memory never leaves Inman’s mind, and after being severely wounded, Inman decides to desert the army and go back home to Cold Mountain to find his sweetheart. Along the way, he meets people of all walks of life, showing us the atrocities of war and the kindness of some people that may remain. In the meanwhile, Ada has lost her father and found herself all alone, struggling with her aristocratic background, without the means or know how to be able to run a farm and survive. Comes Ruby, a Southern, farm girl, with whom a heart warming friendship develops and together they struggle to make it through the harsh winter and face many adventures of their own…

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Favourite Movies of 2003

Posted on February 3rd, 2004 filed in Movie Talk
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These are my top 10 movies of 2003:

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Finding Nemo

Pirates of the Caribbean

Mystic River

Kill Bill Vol 1

House of Sand and Fog


Cold Mountain
21 grams
Big Fish

The Sweetest Thing Movie Quotes

Posted on January 11th, 2004 filed in Movie Quotes
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[Courtney, a divorce lawyer, describing her day]
Courtney: Oh, you know, the usual. Defending the rights of my broken hearted clients and try to squeeze every single penny out of their miserable cheating spouses.

Courtney: Fifty percent of what people say when they are joking is true, which means, you do wanna go to this wedding but you are too afraid to admit it. So, by making some sort of joke about it, you get to say what you really want without being vulnerable.

[while holding her breasts]
Christina: You know when I was 22, my breasts were up here, nice and perky, but gravity has taken them. It’s like 22, 28, 22, 28, 22…
Courtney: Buy some new ones!

Peter: Here’s to fifty years with the same woman.
Roger: Dude, that’s just depressing. She’ll have saggy tits by then. She could tie ’em around her waist by then and use ’em as a belt… Or just tuck ’em in her socks.

Favorite Movie Scenes: The Sweetest Thing

Posted on January 11th, 2004 filed in Memorable Movie Scenes
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I just saw this movie again on DVD and it is sooooooooo funny.

My favorite scenes include:

1) Selma’s dude’s ring stuck in her mouth and ‘too big to fit in here’ song that fixed the problem (Only on unrated version of DVD)

2) Selma taking the stained dress to the drycleaner and meeting her parents church friends

3) Cameron dropping the lipstick in front of Christina and her attempt to recover it while the gang biker watches. Christina is driving and plays along
4) Christina and Cameron in the men’s restroom and Christina reading the poem off the wall

5) The romantic ending with Christina and Peter (Those Cameron eyes….sigh)

Mona Lisa Smile Movie Review (5.5/10)

Posted on January 11th, 2004 filed in Movie Reviews
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This movies takes place in the early 50’s, as a new Art History teacher, Katherine Preston, played by Julia Roberts, arrives to Wellesley College, a most prestigious yet conservative, all girl, American institution. The liberal, progressive teacher challenges her students and encourages them to become ‘tomorrow’s leaders, not their wives.’ Naturally, she must face many obstacles before winning the hearts of her students and changing their lives.


The movie plot is very unoriginal and without any surprises. It is full of clichés and stereotypes that are mixed with a few fancy words and high budget actresses to produce a movie whose advertisement highlights the most interesting lines.

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Personal Poetry: THE LETTER

Posted on December 22nd, 2003 filed in Personal Poetry and Poems
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(This poem is about an image of a letter you’d leave in the crib to explain the political world to a child)
To my child not yet born,
I hope forever you will stay warm.
I will tell you all that I’ve learned
In 22 years,
For maybe, it will save you some tears;
The flag is dripped in blood
So away from it we fled.
We drank for peace,
And drowned in beliefs that darkened our deeds.
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