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Week 1 Day 3 : Legs

Posted on March 18th, 2004 filed in Training Log
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I was concerned as today was leg training day and I just recovered from a left calf injury. But all went well.

Leg Press: 270 lbs
Leg Extension: 90 lbs
Leg Curl: 60 lbs

Weight Lifting Week 1 Day 2: Back and Triceps

Posted on March 16th, 2004 filed in Training Log
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I am quite sore from yesterday’s workout but it sure feels good to be back.

Today is Back and Triceps day. 4 sets of 10 repititions for each of the exercises below with 1.5 minutes of rest between sets.
Lateral Pull Down : 105 lbs
Seated Rows: 90 lbs
Triceps Push down: 75 lbs
Triceps Extension : 75 lbs
I am getting to like my personal trainer. He is pleasant to deal with and is doing a great job.

Fitness Test: March 15, 2004

Posted on March 15th, 2004 filed in Training Log
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Had my body composition test today. Also had my first personal training session.

A) Body composition:

Weight: 221 lbs !
Fat Percentage: 28% !!!!

Fat Mass: 62 lbs

Goals to reach by end of July:

Weight: 175 lbs (Lose 46 pounds)
Fat Percentage: 17% (Drop 11%)
Fat mass: 30 lbs (lose 32 lbs)

B) Weights lifted:

Muscle groups covered today: Chest, and Biceps, 2 exercises each. Each erxercise consists of 4 sets of 10 repetitions. Weight is to be advanced whenever a set is completed successfully.

Chest Press: 80 lbs
Incline Press: 70 lbs
Preacher curl: 60 lbs
Biceps curl: 60 lbs

Did also one set of chinups and requested 80 lbs of assistance.

Strength Goal: 200 lbs in chest press and ability to do one set of 10 chinups with no assistance by July 31st.

Mission: Getting back in Shape

Posted on March 11th, 2004 filed in Training Log
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It’s now 6 months that I have not been to a gym mostly because of a leg injury, ironically induced by a slip on the treadmill at the gym. I have ballooned to 220 pounds from my ideal of 175 pounds. Now that my leg is cleared and healed following physiotherapy, and now that I am pain free with no limitation to my range of motion, it’s time to recruit all my systems and resources towards getting back in shape and losing the extra weight.

In addition, it became clear to me that my eating habits are not as great as I once thought they were. These last few weeks I have made extensive research and read numerous books in this regard. What I am now aware of, is that, again ironically, my original efforts in following the nutritional advice prevalent few years ago, and thus my high-carb low fat diet, are the main culprit behind most of my weight gain.

Among the various books I read and research I made, I have decided that Body RX by Scott Connely will be the one I will follow both in my eating and exercise. I will keep an open mind however, continue reading and researching, and closely monitor my progress in case any plan modifications are needed.

So here is my plan:

1) Start heading back regularly to the gym
2) Hire a personal trainer for optimal results. Follow guidelines in Body RX Book
3) Completely change my eating habits as per Body RX book.

4) Get a body analysis and fitness test and create a fitness and nutritional log and document all my exercise and food intake. Chart progress.
5) The goal is to get as close as I can to my ideal weight. More importantly, goal is to drop waist size from current 38 to my standard 33.

Niagara Falls: Marvelous Year Round

Posted on March 10th, 2004 filed in travel articles
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Canadian Nigara Falls is one of those places that you cannot have enough and that has lots to offer year round. My least favorite is the overly touristic and tacky downtown and all its touristic traps. But that aside, there are lots of things to do and enjoy.

Summer: (May-September)
A) Favorite Attractions:

1) Maid of the Mist : Get an upclose look at the falls in this long standing must-experience boat tradition

2) Journey Behind the Falls: Walk down stairs behind the falls. Must do.

3) Whirlpool Aero Car : Awesome view of the falls through a suspended cable car.
Favorite Spots:

1) Botanical Garden / Butterfly Museum: Great place to take a break and have lunch. Nature at its prime with many acres of flowers and plants. Hosts the school of horticulture.

2) Floral Clock: Huge clock made of flowers.

3) Niagara on the Lake: My favorite of all. Gorgeous town in the midst of nature and perfect choice for bicycling and rollerblading due to the dedicated lanes that course in the midst of trees next to the lake.

B) Winter:

The Falls freeze over and it is spectacular. Best enjoyed from a falls view room at the Marriott. The experience is undescribable as you absorb the view in complete awe. Make sure you come on weekdays however. Weekends can be 4-5x more expensive!

Nutrition: The 15 Commandments of Good Nutrition

Posted on March 1st, 2004 filed in Nutrition
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With the obesity epidemic reaching unheard of proportions, following good nutritional habits and a healthy eating style are becoming more essential than ever.

The following are the 15 commandments of good nutrition:

1) Thou shall have 6 meals daily: 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

2) Thou shall have protein and fiber in each meal.

3) Thou shall eat within 30 minutes of waking up.

4) Thou shall have 25 grams of fiber each day

5) Thou shall avoid fruit juices, non-diet carbonated sodas, and alcohol.

6) Thou shall stay away from canned and processed food

7) Thou shall limit fried food

8) Thou shall stay away from diet and fat free products and consume natural food instead.

9) Thou shall have at least two large salads a day.

10) Thou shall have at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram per day

11) Thou shall stay away of bread, added sugar, deserts, and various bakery stuff

12) Thou shall have 2 servings of grilled fish every week

13) Thou shall drink 8 glasses of water a day

14) Thou shall stop eating 1 hour before going to bed.

15) Thou shall limit your intake of red meat to lean cut and shall have it no more than 3 times a week.

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