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Favorite Harry Potter Spells Part 1

Posted on August 28th, 2007 filed in Movie Talk    |   

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In preparation for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I recently organized a Harry Potter week during which I watched the first 4 installments of the Harry Potter series. Having thoroughly enjoyed these, I decided to write a number of Harry Potter themed articles that would offer a tiny glimpse into the amazing fantasy world of JK Rowlings.

Mumble some words, point your wand correctly and voila! That’s all it takes for those Hogwarts to get some great things done. Had we had those spell casting powers, there is no limit to how our life would be better.

For outdoor campers, the must-know-spell par excellence is Incendio, the quickest and easiest way to create a fire. Hermione used that one to set fire to Snape’s Robes in The Philosopher’s Stone. Incidentally, ‘Incendie’ means fire in French.

For your next game of Hide and Seek, you can’t go wrong with Alohomora and Colloportus. Alohomora (Aloha means goodbye in Hawaiian and mora means obstacle in latin) opens closed doors and Colloportus (In latin, Colligere means ‘Join’ and ‘portus’ means door) shuts doors. Note that Alohomora can open doors closed by Colloportus but not vice versa.

For secret lovers, a valuable tool is Aparecium. This one makes invisible ink appear. It was invaluable for Hermione to make Tom Marvolo Riddle readable.

For scuba divers, this next spell is a no brainer. Bubblehead creates a bubble of air around the person’s head allowing him/her to breathe underwater. Beats carrying a tank of air any time. And if you get a Michael Jackson sized one, you can literally live underwater.

For hypnotists, Imperio is your secret weapon. This little gem of a spell has its latin root in ‘imperium’ which means ‘control’. It basically leaves one at the mercy of the spellcaster. And it has many uses. For example, you can cast it on the cable guy and slash the waiting window from 4 hours to 5 minutes. Unfortunately, this is one of the unforgivable curses and its use is punishable by a no-parole-life-term at Azkaban.

For your next 14 hour transpacific trip, stock up on the Imperturbable Charm potion. For those in the dark, imperturbable means ‘undisturbable’. This basically allows you to have your own space that no sound or person can cross. And so you virtually eliminate that next-seat-78-year-old-lady-occupier’s incessant babbling about her life story or that stranger dude wanting to bond with you. This spell comes also handy during domestic disputes. Nothing will infuriate your significant other more than their being ignored than when they can’t manage to annoy you :)

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3 Responses to “Favorite Harry Potter Spells Part 1”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Fantastic! I am a great Harry Potter fan myself and I so wish I could use those spells in real life. My favorite spell though you did not mention that one is Accio which is the pell that calls out any particular object to the witch or wizard. Now tel me how often do you feel like calling out ‘Accio Remote control” instead of spending half an hour looking for it under and above the couches ?

    My, my, how much easier our life would be if we could use some of these spells in our ordinary ‘muggle’ life!!!

    To fly, to disppear, to fix things and best of all ‘Imperio” to have total control over others…he he he, evil but quite delightful!

  2. Jessica Says:

    I came across this website by mistake, and Im really glad that I did.
    I am so infatuated with the whole Harry Potter extravaganza, and this article is great! It really made me think about which spell is my favourite, and I would have to say it’s the Riddikulus spell for tackling bogarts. It’s a great spell because you can practice your spell charms and tackle your own fears at the same time. Riddikulus, is so perfectly named because it comes from the word ridiculus and it envokes the power to defeat that fear with this derived word.
    I also really love the Rictusempra spell because it makes you laugh uncontrollably, and I believe that could come in so handy in our muggle life when we need some cheering up. Who doesn’t love to laugh? Especially when you can’t stop, it makes everyting just that much better.
    Besides the spells I also really love the gadgets within the magic world. The invisibility cloak, the marauders map, the broom and the crazy candy!
    It’s all just so wonderful. If only our muggle life was as interesting…

  3. Lyn-Z Says:

    Love how you found the origin and meanings of the spells… thats awsome!

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