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Best movies of 2006

Posted on March 26th, 2007 filed in Movie Talk    |   

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Most favorite movies of 2006 in no particular order:

V for Vendetta
Inside Man
Children of man
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Departed
Perfume the Story of a Murderer
The Prestige
The Illusionist
Notes on a Scandal
Little Children
The Fountain

Casino Royale
The Good Shepherd
Stranger Than Fiction
Devil Wears Prada
Lucky Number
Hard Candy
The Descent
The Last King of Scotland

Honorable Mention:

Thank you for smoking
Fast Food Nation
Little Miss Sunshine
United 93
World Trade Center
An Inconvenient truth
The Queen
16 Blocks

Movies I liked:

Pirates of the Caribbean…Dead Man’s Chest
Superman Returns
Blood Diamonds
Eight Below
Pink Panther
Night at the Museum
Man of the Year

Movies I particularly disliked:

Mission Impossible, III
Snakes on a Plane
For Your Consideration
My Super Ex Girlfriend

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