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The Incredibles Movie Review (9/10)

Posted on January 19th, 2005 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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There was a time where the streets were kept safe and the crime rate was kept low by the honest, hard work of Super Heroes. But due to the redundant lawsuits of those who did ‘not’ want to be rescued, the government forced all superheroes to relocate, hide their identity and cease all ‘super activity’.

Bob Parr, formally known as Mr. Incredible, is living in the suburbs with his wife, former Elastigirl, and their three children. The family struggles hard to fit in and appear “normal” by hiding their powers as Elastigirl, only uses her flexible body to keep in line the shy teenager Violet, who’s constantly turning invisible, the frustrated speedy Dash, who is not allowed to play sports, and baby Jack Jack whose powers are yet to be revealed.

Bored, disgruntled and trapped in his mediocre job as an insurance agent, Bob meets up every Wednesday with his old superhero friend “Frozone” to secretly listen to the police radio and reminisce over the good old days, until one day, he gets a mysterious, confidential message asking him to put his suit back on and head up the a remote island to fight a monstrous robot.


From the Studio that has already flabbergasted us with their innovative ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, Pixar strikes once again with the ingenious and totally original “Incredibles’.

Directed by Brad Bird ( ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Iron Giant’), this movie is a computer animation marvel. I remember watching Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ many years ago and being mesmerized by the speed of it, but the Incredibles enters a whole new dimension, putting all its animated predecessors far behind. You really must remain totally alert to be able to keep up with the action. Highly reminiscent of a Bond movie, the movie is packed with fist fights, exploding bombs, flying missiles, destructive robots, burning buildings, advanced vehicles, futuristic machinery and serious stunts.

Of course, the movie centers around the battle of good against evil. The villain is ‘Syndrome’ (voiced by Jason Lee), a little boy whose bitterness drove him to hunt superheroes and create powerful, destructive robots to eventually control the earth. Syndrome is a very successful character, getting across to the audience the negative repercussions of greed and bitterness.

Mr. Incredible, voiced by Craig Nelson, is a very genuine character. You feel his dismal at hiding his true identity. Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter, is superb. She is motherly yet strong and in control.

It is absolutely lovely the way the figures are drawn accentuating the difference between male and female bodies; Mr. Incredible has a huge chest and muscular arms, while Elastigirl has a small waist and large hips…

My Favorite character is little Edna Mode, the peculiar fashion designer that is quite memorable in looks, size, accent, house, lab, and of course creativity.

Most endearing I find is the family humanity. There is the frustration that many of us feel by an unsatisfactory job and its reflection on relationships and life at home. There is the difficulty of fitting in for teenagers as well as adults, the hardship that parents must go through to keep a healthy household….The film is succinct in showcasing our society nowadays with excessive lawsuits, celebration of mediocrity, and the fear to be different, yet, manages to send a clear message of the need to celebrate our differences and nurture our talent.

‘The Incredibles’ is a Family movie and appeals to all ages. It has the animation, speed and action for kids to love yet it also has a smart plot, depth, and sarcastic humor that is more adult friendly.

The Incredibles is truly an incredible movie and great entertainment for all. Highly recommended.

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