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When Harry Met Sally Movie Review (9/10)

Posted on February 19th, 2003 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Harry and Sally, share a ride from Chicago to New York following their graduation. They keep bumping into each other life in New York, then decide to be friends. But can two people of the opposite sex be friends without sex getting in the way?


WHMS is a classic romantic comedy with one of the most clever scripts that ever embraced the silver screen. It is famed that the script was written by Nora Ephron after multiple interviews with the actors and cast of the movie as well as the various interviews that director Rob Reiner collected for the film (the various couples that appear throughout the film and talk on how they met,…etc).

The movie is funny, witty, warm, and neurotic. The performances by Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are very credible and among their best. The musical score is simply outstanding with the infamous ‘It Had to be You’ , the Harry Connick Junior ‘claim to fame’ song that became since a wedding favourite and tunes by Louis Armstrong (I say tomato you say TOMAHTO…Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off),…The various couple testimonials interspersed throughout add to the flow and charm of the story.

From friendship between sexes, one night stands between best friends, love at first sight, and love that grows among those that hang out and support each other, WHMS tackles with impressive talent many of the most classic relationship discussion topics of interest and is thus bound to appeal to a huge segment of the audience.

Not to mention of course the groundbreaking fake orgasm scene and the immortal ‘I’ll have what she is having’ line.

Overall, a pleasant and wonderfully enteratining movie that should end up as part of any personal DVD collection. Highly recommended.

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