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The Ring Movie Review (9/10)

Posted on October 8th, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Naomi Watts plays Rachel Keller a single mom journalist whose niece, and three of her friends, were recently found dead with what appears to be severe horror. Upon further investigation, she learns of videotape that causes the death of anyone that watches exactly 7 days later. She gets the tape, watches it and finds herself in a race against time to solve the mystery before her own time is up.


I consider myself as one that does not get affected that easily by what horror films in general. And then came ‘The Ring’, a movie that literally freaked me out beyond my imagination. I saw the latest session (The one that ends past midnight) and I was quite disturbed that I called a cab to drive me home, only 4 blocks away from the movie theatre.

Unequivocally one of the scariest movies to ever grace the silver screen, The Ring is guaranteed to leave one with nightmares and many chills running down the spine. The story flows smoothly and is executed skillfully, getting one quickly immersed in its midst and always leaving enough mystery to keep the suspense unabated.

There is horror anywhere you look. The tape is creepy, the crazy horses chilling, the mental hospital footage disturbing, and of course Samara who will undoubtedly get implanted in your mind only to keep freaking you out for days to come.

Based on Ringu, a japanese movie set in 1998, The Ring remains mostly faithful to its prequel (Exception being the horse suicide part) and , in my mind, exceeds that in its creepiness. The soundtrack, cinematography (That horses part is spectacular), and lighting complement the story nicely and significantly add to the movie effect.

Naomi Watts delivers a great and credible performance and the director excels in bringing this horror masterpiece to life.

Highly recommended for those that wish to experience real fear. No joking.

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