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Stepford Wives Movie Review (4.5/10)

Posted on July 23rd, 2004 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Joanna Eberhart (played by Nicole Kidman) is a very successful, top TV executive, used to authority, power and the high life. But after a bad career move, she gets fired and consequently suffers from a total nervous breakdown. Feeling it is time for a calmer and healthier lifestyle, her husband (played by Matthew Broderick) moves the family to the suburbs in Stepford, Connecticut; a perfect little town, where the mansions are beautiful, the men are relaxed and happy and the women are literally perfect dolls. Along with her friend Bobbi (played by Bette Midler), Joanna sets out to discover the dark secret of the men’s club and the fate of the Stepford wives…


The movie is a remake of its 1975 original, which in turn is based on Ira Levin ’s novel. But it is safe to say that things have drastically changed in the past 30 years, and a thriller highlighting women’s movement at its peak will not have the same impact, today, on an audience who has long accepted the idea of women in the workplace. To adapt the movie with our times, the director, Frank Oz, added a comical angle but it resulted in a movie lacking identity between serious social thriller and a light comedy.

The plot lacks continuity and suspense. The scenes that are meant to be nail biting simply lack the required edge and depth and this is translated to the general aura of the entire movie. Short after you leave the theater, you will forget it.

Luckily, the film has a class A cast. Nicole Kidman, playing Joanna, exhibits the 21st century, intelligent yet stressed out to the edge of insanity, working women with perfection (to the extent that you feel stressed simply by watching her), and then in contrast she is also the perfect dolled up, ready to please her husband, blond. Her good looks play to the advantage of her a role as a Stepford wife, nevertheless, we are used to more memorable performances by Nicole. The chemistry between Nicole and her onscreen husband Mathew Broderick is, unfortunately, non-existent. Perhaps, this is another repercussion of the high level of stress, yet it does not help the script.

The gay character is very flagrant and adds much humor to the film, Glenn Close excels as the strong and later bitter character but Bette Midler as Bobbie is the star of the screen, her lively personality is so loveable, she truly connects with the audience and lights up the screen with her credible, down to earth performance.

Overall, I am not completely impressed.

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