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Speed Movie Review (8/10)

Posted on June 20th, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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After Gutsy Swat team explosive experts Jack Traven and Harry Temple foil mad bomber Howard Payne plot to extract millions of dollars by trapping people in a high rise booby trapped elevator, Payne hits back. There is a bus laden with explosives. If it goes faster than 50 MPH, the bomb is activated. If bus speed then drops below that, the bus will explode.


Speed is the non stop adrenaline ride with enough action and suspense to glue you to the edge of your seat. The film remains today one of the greatest action flicks and has been voted as one of AFI’s (American Fim Institute) 100 best.

Director Jan De Bont and screenwriter Graham Yost keep the heart pounding through the non stop next to impossible chanllenges facing Jack to prevent the bus from exploding. In one absolutely mesmerizing scene, the bus literally jump-flies a 50 feet hole in the road.

While the film undoubtedly placed macho Keanu Reeves and sweet Sandra Bullock on the map and launched their careers, it is Dennis Hopper’s performance as the mad terrorrist that steals the spotlight. That performance earnt him the MTV ‘Best Villain’ award. His advice to Jack to refrain from even attempting to ‘grow a brain’ has becomes one of the top memorable movies lines ever.
There is chemistry between Reeves and Bullock that pulls the romantic undertone of some essential ‘feel good’ scenes and the finale declaration that ‘relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never last’.
The movie itself won two academy awards for best sound, and best sound effects editing. It was also nominated for the Best Editing oscar.
These are well deserved awards. The sound effects and editing are truly phenomenal and, together with effective action squence choreogreaphy, render this movie a must have (For show off purposes if anything else) for anyone with a nice 5 channel Dolby home theatre audio system.

Two solid hours of highly recommended entertainment.

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