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Rush Hour 2 Movie Review (7.5/10)

Posted on May 3rd, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Carter heads to Hong Kong to meet Lee and enjoy a well deserved vacation. That unfortunately gets cut off prematurely after an explosion rocks the American embassy and kills two American agents. Lee is assigned to the case and Carter reluctantly joins in.


I am a big Jackie Chan fan and have seen and actually own on DVD a large number of his films. I also quite enjoyed the original Rush Hour and was looking forward to another two fun hours of action and laughs. I was not disappointed.

Rush Hour 2 is a solidly entertaining movie that keeps the action flowing. Jackie Chan remains the master of his domain despite his getting older. The scene on the bamboo sticks among others confirm that Chan is far from slowing down. The addition of the ruthlessly gorgeous and incredibly fit and flexible Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger) is welcome and adds flavor and panache.

Tucker is very funny (and borderline annoying) with his firecrack antics. Some fragile souls may get offense at some of his jokes about the small stature of orientals, their all looking alike, and their sometimes hard to understand English but overall the fils is filled with good jokes and laughs skillfully executed by Tucker with Chan playing well along. The scene, following the police department explosion, where Jackie Chan is driving and “I’ll be missing you” (the Puff Daddy’s spin of ‘Every Breath You Take’ by the Police ) is one of my favorites and arguably one of the funniest outtakes in this movie.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have great screen chemistry and in a way compliment each other. I believe they have what it takes for this franchise to enjoy significant success. If Lethal Weapon had 4 installments, I can foresee my reviewing Rush Hour 5 in say 2010.
As with all prior Jackie Chan movie, there is no serious plot here. Overall however the movie delivers on what it promises, namely great action choreography and good humour and does that well. It succeeds as a great sequel and to many actually overtakes the original. Highly recommended. Rated PG 13 for some crude language

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