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Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Movie Review (7/10)

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Lord Becket has teamed up with Davy Jones to eradicate all pirates in order to ensure the safety of the East Indian Company ships. Faced with extinction, the pirate lords from all over the world decide that their only chance in survival lies in their joining their forces and recruit whatever assistance they can find including that of Calypso, the goddess of the sea . To achieve the latter, a price must be paid, namely the liberation of Calypso from her Tia Delma entrapment following her Davy Jones betrayal. Her release however can only happen when all nine lords bring together in person their nine ‘pieces of eight’. This necessitates that all nine lords be present including Barbossa, killed earlier by Jack Sparrow, and Jack Sparrow himself, lately swallowed by the Kraken and transferred to Jones locker at ‘World’s End’ . Barbossa is resurrected by Tia Delma and leads the crew charged with the task of rescuing Jack Sparrow from World’s End.

Essential Characters:

The Flying Dutchman: This ship is charged with ferrying the souls of the dead at sea. Its captain must have a living heart and is to sail the waters for 10 years before being able to step on land. When that happens, if he had a love that waited for him truthfully for 10 years, he would be able to stay at land as much as he likes.

Davey Jones (Bill Nighy) : Fell in love with Calypso, the goddess of the sea, and agreed to become captain of the Flying Dutchmann for 10 years to win her love. When it was time for him to step foot on land, he realizes that Calypso had betrayed him and was not waiting for him. He then summons the 9 pirate lords and have them punish her, then rips his heart and decides he will no more fulfill his duties any more and thus, together with his crew, was cursed to stay stranded at the sea between the worlds of the living and the dead. As a result, everyone on the ship is slowly changing into creatures of the sea in a gradual process that grows in severity with the time spent on the ship. Davey Jones is tentacly and octopus-like, other crew members are fish-like and others have become part of the boat itself, including Bill, Will Turner’s father.

Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush): On and Off Captain of the Black Pearl and one of the pirate lords. He was killed earlier by Jack Sparrow but has now been resurrected by Tia Delma.

Tia Delma (Naomi Harris) : The voodoo priestess human body entrapment of Calypso the goddess of the sea that betrayed Davy Jones. She resurrects Barbossa from the dead and helps rescue Jack with her white crabs.

Kraken: Davey Jones Monster that sent Sparrow to ‘World’s End’ in ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ is missing this time around. We are only told that Becket, after gaining control of Davey’s heart, has ordered him to kill ‘his pet’. Otherwise Becket would not have been able to cross the seas and reach the ‘Flying Dutchman’ in person

Jack Sparrow: On and off Captain of the Black Pearl was sent to World’s End by the Kraken. He is doomed there to captain a ship with the crew being his different personalities.

Nine Figures of Eight: Each ‘Figure of Eight’ is carried by one pirate lord. All nine pirate lords must be present in person and nine pieces must be joined to release Calypso from her human body entrapment.

World’s End: This is where Jack ends after being swallowed by Kraken. One the effects of him being there is him hallucinating the splitting of all his different personalities into separate people, and his being the commander of the ‘Black Pearl’ crewed by them all. This effect diminishes but does not completely disappear even after he was rescued as noted from the jail scene.


As with third sequels, there was concern that the Pirates of The Caribbean concept has already run its course and that the third installment will end up being superfluous, annoying and boring. Even Dead Man’s Chest was quite disappointing when compared to the original. It is therefore a welcome surprise that ‘At World’s End’ rocks and delivers a solid 160 minutes of pure highly enjoyable entertainment in the pirates world marked naturally by non stop perpetual betrayals and double crossings.

PoTC has always been about the pirate characters and this film is no exception. On top of the classically flamboyant Jack Sparrow (and now with a never seen before kind and ‘good doer’ aspect), we are treated to the fabulous Barbossa (The absence of which caused a serious blow to ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ ), the awesome Davy Jones, the seven other pirate lords including the must-see Captain Sao Feng (Chow Yun Fat) from Singapore, and the ‘part-of-the-ship-Will-Turner-father’, Bill. Many of the characters are now more developed and some plot lines further clarified. We have a better understanding of the infatuation of Davy Jones by Calypso, the sacrifice he made, the betrayal he endured and his subsequent getting cursed. We understand the plot of the East India Company and therefore the marked interest of Lord Becket to eradicate all pirates, and other dangers that lurk in the vast oceans like the Kraken of Davey Jones. We also get amused by competing voices in Sparrow’s head and of course stunning fight scenes and fabulous effects.

My main gripe I guess is the lack of substance to the characters of Will and Elizabeth, played rather flatly by Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. And there are some obvious plot holes and some scenes that were quite ill conceived (Giant Calypso being one). But that is compensated for by the abundant fun this movie is loaded with be it the monkey , the parrot, the competition between Jack Sparrow and Barbossa on leading the ship, the fights, the chest-protecters-before-pirates-now dudes, or the welcome cameo of Keith Richards as Jack’s father and the code keeper (It is reported that John Depp based Sparrow’s character on Keith and so the latter has been approached repeatedly for an appearance). And let’s not forget the must-not-miss scene at the end of the credits.

And the movie is even more fun for those in the know:

a) The Flying Dutchmann is a mythical ship that is well described in the literature as a ghost ship that is recognized by its glow. It was even claimed to have been sighted by the English settlers heading to Australia:

“At 4 a.m. the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows. A strange red light as of a phantom ship all aglow”

b) The book of pirate’s rules is referred to by Barbossa as those first set down by “Morgan and Bartholomew.” This is a reference to the notorious pirates Henry Morgan and Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts.

c) Captain Teague’s is no other than the legendary pirate Blackbeard that ruled the Caribbean. He is famed to have killed each of his 14 wives, a fact alluded to when he raises up Jack’s mother’s shrunken head.

In summary, ‘ At World’s End’ is solid entertainment, lots of fun, and well recommended. There are some scenes with significant violence making it unsuitable for very young children. It is rated PG-13 and gets a well deserved 7/10.

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6 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End Movie Review (7/10)”

  1. Donald Drint Says:

    Great review. Explained lots of things that confused the heck out of me :)

    I do believe however that one should not for movie analyses to understand a movie and so I am kind of disappointed by this POTC run as I felt it was too confusing with to many plot twists that literally make it different to follow.


  2. Jessica Says:

    Your review of this movie is quite insightful…I read it before I actually saw this third part…I have to disagree with you tough about Keira and Orlando’s performance, I felt they did a good job and added a normal ‘human’ touch to a surreal environment…I was actually quite amused by their marriage ceremony in the midst of the battle…quite romantic in a twisted kinda way….

    Anyways, I recommend this movie, it is entertaining on many levels….


  3. James Says:

    After reading your explanation of the World’s End I am tempted to go see it for a second time….To be honest, I found the movie rather lengthy in some parts and although I enjoyed the acting there are some points which were confusing…For example the entire flying Dutchman was not clear to me at all and specially why Davey Jones and his crew are cursed and have this monstruous sea like features…Well, now I get it it is because they were not fulfilling their duties towards the souls of the dead and now the scene with Keira’s dead father makes sense…okay thanks, it was bugging me that I did not get it

  4. Sarah Says:

    I absolutely loved the part where all the pirates meet!!! It is magical, the true Disney from our childhood with the technology and developped imagination is best portrayed in that scene…I love, the Chinese pirate, the old pirates, the book of pirates, the father of Jack….Magical!!!! If only for these figures the movie is a must see…. so enjoy

  5. Jack Says:

    How interesting, that this movie that seems a sublime product of the imagination is inspired by work from literature… it sure does give it another meaning when you know that for example the Flying Dutchman was supposedly sighted in real life as a phantom ship…

  6. Serena Says:

    Well you are totally correct about warning the viewers about the scene way after the movie credits….

    I was rather sad that Will and Elizabeth had to be separated but the ending for those who wait gives hope…and if I understand you correctly the legend says that if the captains true love waits for him for 10 years he can stay for more than a day on land? Ah, that is even better…too bad the legend is not clearly explained in the movie but I love your clarification on the matter

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