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In Her Shoes Movie Review (6.5/10)

Posted on October 23rd, 2005 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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In a nutshell, this movie is about the bad sister and the good sister, their relationship and impact on each other’s lives. Maggie, played by Cameron Diaz, is a sexy blond with a knock out body but very reckless and irresponsible lifestyle. She still lives with her father and step mum to save on rent, cannot hold a job and basically goes through life partying, getting totally wasted and sleeping around. Her sister Rose, played by Toni Colette, is a very hard working, lawyer who is overweight and has self image problems. Despite their differences, these two sisters care a lot about each other, share a dark family history and a great love for shoes. Having no place to stay, Maggie moves in with her sister and starts messing up her apartment, clothes and taking her shoes but she really commits the unforgivable act when she sleeps with Rose’s Boyfriend.

After a major feud, Maggie goes to search for the grandmother they never knew they had, played by Shirley MacLaine. The lives of the two sisters take an interesting turn until they meet again….


What saves this movie is the Cast. The actors embody their characters.
Cameron Diaz, playing Maggie, is superb. She plays the role of hot Bimbo, who only wants to have fun totally unaware of the consequences. Her flirting and passing out scenes are very credible. The scenes highlight Diaz’ body and I have to comment on how well in shape she is. She looks superb in the bikini! It shows that she really works out!

Toni Colette gives a great performance of Rose; she looks like the girl next door, with very average looks and overweight body, and serious, hard working attitude. Her concern over her sister, despite her hurt, is genuine and heart warming. Shirley Maclaine truly lights up the screen….she has a strong character even as a loving grandmother!

It is true that in real life most women adore shoes, and so I find it interesting how this is highlighted in the movie, I like the part where Maggie tells Rose that ‘Shoes like this should not be locked up in a closet! You should be living a life of scandal…”, perhaps that is the secret, sexy shoes let the imagination run wild!

This movie was a bit hard for me to review. I felt it was sending a wrong message. Maggie’s behavior is unacceptable and in my opinion unforgivable; however, at the end she is given another chance and it is a happy ending. That is saying that, on one hand, it is ok to royally take advantage of someone else because you can be forgiven at the end, on the other hand, it is saying that people are messed up due to their insecurities and childhood problems but with the proper help they can change and straighten up. Maybe. I liked the help she got to get over her reading problems but her sister accepting her back so easily is a bit too TV soap!

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3 Responses to “In Her Shoes Movie Review (6.5/10)”

  1. Lilas Says:

    I agree the movie script is rather poor but the cast delivers! Cameron, once again gives the perfect presentation of a blond bimbo, party addict, with no regards to the the future and Toni Colette is superb, in representing a large part of society….But it is Shirley Maclaine that steals the spotlight, I don’t know how she does but she is so charismatic and beautiful and wise and fun….why can’t my Grandma be more like that?

  2. Jane Says:

    Let me tell you something about women and shoes, when our weight fluctuates, unlike Jeans or sexy sweater, that become a source of stress and a reminder of our weight, shoes do not let us down, they look good regardless….A pair of high heels make the difference between a simple look going to the supermarket and walking on the red Carpet!
    Shoes make a statement without saying a word, like Cameron says in this movie some shoes are meant to live a wild life and wearing them makes one feel sexy! Shoes add colors, class, height, style, character, wealth and even indicate your social status….There is a whole difference state of mind in whether you are wearing Crocs or Manollas..

    As for the movie itself, I would recommend renting it on DVD at most….

  3. Tony Says:

    I felt it was more of a chick flick however, I have to admit admit, I enjoyed watching Cameron Diaz parading in a bikini and showing off her tall legs and sexy booty…man, this girl was hot 10 years ago and she is still sizzling! Other than that, I also have to admit that do not get women’s obsession with shoes, I need one pair of shoes and a sneaker but my girlfriend has a closet full of shoes and she still NEEDS to buy some shoes!!! Women…and now they are making movies highlighting this characteristics, God I hope this won’t make them worse

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