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Finding Nemo Movie Review 9/10

Posted on October 3rd, 2003 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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The marriage of Disney with Pixar has delivered the most stunning animated picture thus far in “Finding Nemo”.


This unprecedented artful animation tells the story of a clownfish family in the depth of the ocean. A dreadful under the sea attack resulted in the loss of Marlin’s wife and their numerous baby eggs, all but one- which he called Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould). As a result, Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) is overprotective of his Nemo, who incidentally also has one of his fins too small. While defying his father, Nemo is caught by human divers and is taken to a Dentist’s Aquarium in Sydney. As Nemo, along with the Gang in the fish bowl, tries to make it back to the ocean; Marlin, helped by Dory (voice Ellen DeGeneres) who suffers from short term memory loss, sets off to cross the ocean searching for his son and the adventure takes a whole new dimension as they encounter sharks, jelly fish and turtles…keeping us on our toes.


Finding Nemo is a masterpiece by all standards. It shows spectacular underwater images of the coral reefs, the fish and the various deep sea creatures in their natural habitat. It is so colorful and filled with details, a true feast for the eye and the imagination!

Having the classical Disney formula (the dead mother, the innocent lost child and the adventurous journey which proves that all is possible), ‘Finding Nemo’ is very appealing, inspirational and emotional to children, but added to this formula is a language and subtle humor that is intended for adults. For instance, there is the part where the divers think they should save Nemo, so they capture him and take him away from his home, so the other fish comment that they must be Americans (hehehe, very reflective of current political interferences in the world) …and the sharks, trying to be politically correct, becoming vegetarians, psychoanalyzing their childhood and having seminars, repeating “Fish are our friends”….very contemporary!

Dora, the blue fish played by Ellen, is simply a riot! Her character is memorable, her loss of memory is so smartly incorporated and hilarious. I also cracked up when she started speaking whale language (favorite scene), and her lightness and silliness balances with Marlin’s constant anxiety and stress. The cool turtles are excellently portrayed as well, while Tank Gang including Gill and the starfish represent various different amusing characters such as the clean freak, the narcissist…

The movie deserves 9 out of 10. It is a wonderful movie for both children and adults. It is fast, entertaining, shows the undersea with all its beauty and danger. It sends a positive message to everyone; parents should not be too overprotective, they should show high faith and expectation in their kids, and children should be more obedient to their parents, for they will do anything for their sake! Finally it gives everyone a new respect and interest in all sea creatures!

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