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Live Free or Die Hard Movie Review (8.0/10)

Posted on July 22nd, 2007 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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A ruthless computer terror group unleashes a major cyber attack on the US literally shutting down the country in a swift. Traffic lights (and subsequent car crashes) go berserk, communications of all kind stop, power goes down, and bank accounts are emptied. There is one gleam of hope however…John McClane is here to ‘Yippie_Ki_Yay’ those Mot***F***ers and has teamed up with a hacker whiz Matt Farrell and his excellency ‘Warlorck’, a hacker guru that runs his command center from the basement of his ‘freaky’ mother’s house.

The 4th installment of the Die Hard series is a welcome addition despite being in a way different than the previous three episodes. First of all, McClane seems to have lost his mojo: No more in-your-face gory supermacho insults. Second…Gore and blood are virtually nonexistent here. Both of the above left many die-hard ‘Die Hard’ fans screaming foul and raging with red blooded anger against this act of aggression towards their beloved hero. It seems that the above changes were necessary to change the movie rating to PG-13 from its ubiquitous R and that this rating change was pursued by the movie studio, 20th century Fox, as they felt this would translate into wider audience and thus more money. After all, $$ is probably the main reason why FOX had been so adamant about bringing back John McClane after such a lengthy 12 year absence. And the strategy seems to have worked well. In its first 3 weeks, the flick has brought in more than $230 million dollars in revenue close to twice its production budget of $110 million dollars. As for the serious fans, one can bet that Fox will have an ‘Uncensored’ version waiting for them on DVD.

Director Len Wiseman came to fame through the Underworld movie duo which he wrote, and directed. So with such a short directorial CV, he is not the most experienced of directors. He manages however with great success to deliver a very entertaining flick and a credible despite mellow version of McClane. I in particular loved the various action sequences, notably the parking lot scene with Mclane being sandwiched between two 4-lane high speed traffic as well as the one-on-one-shoot-and-miss-the-acrobat-dude . There are some funny script holes of course but these fade in the movie itself. We are here to have fun and not to nitpick small details like an F16 jet failing to hit McClane 16 wheel truck and that kung Fu chick still loaded and shooting despite being rammed in the wall by a speeding pickup truck.

The villains here are quite fabulous notably the deliciously ruthless Kung Fu chick Mai Linn (Maggie Q), the amazingly agile acrobat, and of course Thomas Gabriel, the mastermind cyber terrorrist. Of note as well is welcome character Warlock and Lucy, McClane’s daughter.

Overall, Die Hard 4 is great entertainment, lots of fun, highly enjoyable and an essential part of any action movie DVD collection.

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One Response to “Live Free or Die Hard Movie Review (8.0/10)”

  1. Chung Says:

    Die Hard 4 is indeed a welcome addition… It is quite different but so is the world we live in so that is actually what I liked about the movie it has adapted with the world and has gone all techno on us!!!! It is freaky come to think about, is everything really all controlled by computers nowadays and thus a malfunction (as all machines eventually do malfunction) will send our world in total darkness, probably even back to the stone age? Since traffic is controlled by traffic lights and we, drivers of the free world, follow the lights without thinking or looking, what will happen if evil gets hold of the Master traffic control system…Well, you get your answer in this movie….if transport, electricity, TV, phones, cellulars are controlled, do we even realize how dependent we are on the technology of the 21st century…it is literally our blood line

    So this movie is great, the action scenes are fantastic, I loved the hackers, can some people really do that? Scary! Bruce Willis is great, true he has mellowed down, but dude he is much older, it would be very bad acting if he was still the exact same guy he was 20 years ago, but I disagree..He still has his Mojo!!!!!

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