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House of Wax Movie Review (6/10)

Posted on May 25th, 2005 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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While on their way to a football championship, a group of college friends- Carly (Elisha Cuthbert), her twin brother Nick (Chad Michael Murray), her boyfriend Wade (Jared Padalecki), her best friend Paige (Paris Hilton), her boyfriend Blake (Robert Richard) and their friend Dalton (Jon Abrahams)– decide to camp for the night, in the middle of the woods. Naturally, the next morning their car had mysteriously broken down so Carly and Wade accept a ride from a weird truck driver to the nearest town. The town is completely deserted except for a funeral ceremony taking place at church. As they peruse the town’s main attraction “Trudy’s House of Wax”, they will soon discover the dark secret of this town and the bloody recipe for these perfectly molded wax sculptures.


House of Wax is a loosely based on the classic 1953 Vincent Price B-movie (Which itself was based on a 1933 flick) but not actually a remake. as other than some psychos using actual bodies to create wax figures, there is nothing much to compare among these three flicks.

The script is written by The Hayes Brothers who took the original wax museum premise and metamorphosed it in a version that fits today’s must have component in the vast majority of so called horror movies. Take a bunch of with low IQ teens and have them take a wrong turn into some desolate end of nowhere town where creeepy psychopaths dwell.

Surprisingly enough, the result is not as horrible as I expected and I ended up having a not-so-bad experience.

The movie has some stunning visuals. The entire house of wax is breathtaking in its detail and meticulousness and is a sight to behold. The wax itself is not confined to the sculptures. The walls and floors are made of nothing but wax (It’s like a wax version of the ice castles in quebec and some nordic countries). Most spectacular however is undoubtedly the fire scene where the house of wax starts melting and various human parts get gradually unmasked. Quite chilling and alone justifies the ticket cost.

The wax laboratory is well portrayed as well. The scene where Carly’s finger get caught off is very effective.
Paris Hilton has a very limited role and few words to say and managed to pull through as good as the other teen characters there. There is the essential but completely irrelevant scene where Paris strips to her under garments for her boyfriend. I am not complaining, that’s for sure :) .

House of wax is an above average teen horror movie with not much gore and some great visuals that make watching this movie worthwhile. Recommended.

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2 Responses to “House of Wax Movie Review (6/10)”

  1. David Says:

    Paris Hilton is so hot and she is sizzling hot in her stripping scene….In fact my only complaint is that she did not have more screen time…. Besides, people accuse her that she gets her roles only because of her connections, perhaps, but she has got the body, the looks, the attitude and her acting is not so bad either….She is portraying the role of the ditsy, sexy, hot blond with perfection!!!!

    Elisha Cuthbert, playing Carly, and her onscreen twin brother Chad, Michael Murray Nick have good chemistry and portray their roles properly. They may have a future at the Hollywood scene. The other actors are very forgetful…

  2. Anetta Says:

    I looved this movie…Went with a group of friends, we got nice scarred, laughed and enjoyed it tremendously….

    Oh my God, the scene where the entire theater is melting is amazing….How did they do that? Did they really built a whole House made out of wax then only to make it melt??? I am curious.

    Anyways, Paris and her friends are really cool, too bad it did not end too well for her…If you are a teenager like myself, you must go see that movie…It rocks!

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