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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone Movie Review (9 /10)

Posted on February 28th, 2002 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Who has not heard of the legend of Harry Potter? JK Rowling’s novel literally took the world by storm and now the movie.

Living in a cupboard under the staircase, Harry Potter is a young orphan who is constantly mistreated by his aunt, uncle and cousin. On his 11th birthday, he receives the shocking news that he is the son of a witch and wizard, who were killed by the darkest wizard of all time ‘Voldemort’ while he miraculously survived with only a scar on his forehead; so, he- ‘Harry Potter’- is a very famous wizard destined to do great things! He must go off the Hogwarts, the best school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learns magic, becomes best friends with Ron and Hermione and together, they will face the greatest adventures and danger trying to solve the mystery of the Philosopher Stone and stop the evil Voldemort from ruling once again.


Two and a half hours is not too long for a proper adaptation of JK Rowling’s amazing first Harry Potter’s book. For those of you who have read her novel, you will be pleased with the movie and those who have not read the novel, you will be pleasantly stunned by the movie. Some of the details from the novel are naturally missing due to time restraint but the main story line and dialogue are kept and presented in the best way that actors and technology can offer.

The entire Cast is superb. Every single actor masters his role. Daniel Radcliff is Harry Potter! He has his looks, mannerism, innocent yet courageous attitude to the bone, Emma Watson portrays Hermione’s intelligence, ward working and even arrogance perfectly. The entire Weasley family is perfect, from the rounded Mrs weasley to Ron all red heads, full of life, goofy, modest yet kind, and Tom felton makes the perfect spoiled, jealous and rich Draco . The cast of the professors is just impeccable, Maggie Smith looks like the severe yet caring with a pinched mouth Minerva, Richard Harris comes across like the magical, wise Dumbeldore, and who would better play the friendly giant Hagrid than Robbie Coltrane? His presence and humor fills the screen. As for Alan Rickman he rocks as Professor Snape, you get chills down your spine just watching his evil looks in the classroom.

The shooting location for this film is perfect. It shows the School Hogwart as the old, English Castle in all its grandiosity. There are many scenes in this movie that are absolutely memorable and perhaps even better than the book, like the owls scene, the sorting hats, the moving stairs, the ghosts of the houses, the talking portraits…
The special effects are quite tactful and add to the movie’s charm. The Quidditch scene is so electric. This is the only scene where a picture is worth a thousand words. This complicated sport involving a Quaffle, two Bludgers and the Golden Snitch, high poles, seekers and flying broomsticks among other was hard to really picture in the book, but the movie portrays it well.

Harry Potter is an enchanting movie for the child in all of us, and so it is a must see for people of all ages. It is grand, mysterious, adventurous, filled with special effect; it is a wonderland for the imagination.

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