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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Review (8/10)

Posted on January 13th, 2006 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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After the highly anticipated Quidditch world cup, which was marked by the ominous appearance of the Dark mark in the sky, Harry Potter and his friends are off to their fourth year at Hogwarts. But this year is special in its events; The Triwizard Tournament, which is the most legendary and dangerous magical competition amongst the three different witchcraft and wizardry’s schools in the world, is being held at Hogwarts. The Goblet of fire chooses the names of the three competitors but then, much to everybody’s disbelief, it inexplicably spits out Harry’s name, who three years too young to be even eligible could not enter the competition in the first place. This is without doubt the evil doing of the death eaters, nevertheless, Harry is now forced to rise to the challenge and fight dragons, decipher riddles, breathe underwater, and find the Goblet in the enchanted maze and inevitably face Lord Voldemort in person!


Although it is an excellent movie on its own, devoted fans of the Harry Potter novels might be disappointed in the movie. The book is enormous, meticulously describing the characters and the plot. In a two hour and a half, naturally, many scenes were omitted but the Triwizard contest was superbly represented. The new director, Mike Newell, gives us gruesomely scary scenes, beyond the imagination, full of details and action, his use of special effects is very efficient and keeps us sitting at the edge of our seat. The scene of the rebirth of the Dark Lord is even better than in the book.

Unlike the first two Harry Potter movies, the Goblet of Fire is directed towards an older audience. Harry and his friends are fourteen of age and the movie got a well earned PG13 rating. It is much darker and too menacing for young children. As the characters are growing, the movie explores the complicated emotional and hormonal state of adolescents. The trio lost their innocence, and for the first time there is some sexual tension among students. Rupert Grint playing Ron portrays excellently the jealousy, competitive spirit and lack of trust that may even arise among best friends. I felt Matthew Lewis, playing Neville, was given too much screen time but if he aimed at appearing Dorky, he royally succeeded. Emma Watson lost a bit of the strength of her character that we are so used to in the previous movies and shows a much softer and more feminine side of Hermione.

Micheal Gabon playing Dumbeldore has still not mastered his role like the late Richard Harris, he was even shockingly violent towards Harry at some point. Some of the new characters such as Mad Eye Moody and Rita Skeeter were perfect, whereas the choice of cast in Lafleur is extremely disappointing. In the book Lafleur is supposed to be a true Goddess of beauty that blows your mind away, whereas Clemence Poesy, playing Lafleur is a very average looking girl that lacks screen presence and charisma.

Finally, I recommend this movie for all adults and teenagers. It takes you to an enchanted world of magic with an eye opener on the Dark side. It leaves you anxiously waiting for the next Harry Potter. However, the third Harry Potter is still my personal favorite.

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3 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Review (8/10)”

  1. Mark Says:

    Lafleur as portrayed in the book is every man’s dream but I did not like the actress who played her at all….Come on, I am sure they could have cast a prettier young girl to play the role of the Goddess of Beauty and Nevill is very annoying but all the rest are excellent….except actually even Hermione she was a bit to whiny in the movie, but in the books you get the impression she is stronger than that…..

    Still, excellent cast, excellent special effects, excellent book adaptation….not to mention of course excellent original script!

  2. Drew Says:

    I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series….I have read them to my kids but I was secretly reading them to myself…. We saw all three movies and we loved them…but the Goblet of fire was a bit scary for my 10 year old daughter… I mean, it is hard not to let her watch Harry Potter with her brothers but they are right in the PG13….

  3. Veronique Says:

    Okay, I agree with you that the scene with rebirth of Voldemort was well made, but definitely not better than the book!!!! Have you even read the book before you make such preposterous statements?

    The book by J.K Rowling is so excellently and meticulously written, I have to say, that although I like the movie, it does not give it justice. The book is a fiesta for the imagination and although as you said the movie captured all the main events essential to the story line were well represented…However, I felt that it was often too dark in the scenes, and that annoyed me.

    Overall, I recommend the movie, it is good special effects and it is lovely to see the characters actually growing with each film just as Harry and his friends do in his books

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