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Bruce Almighty Movie Review (7/10)

Posted on June 1st, 2004 filed in Movie Reviews    |   

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Things are not going well for Bruce. He is chronically discontent with his career, his dog, the traffic,..) and unable to appreciate the great things he actually has (He is popular, funny, has a loving and supportive girlfriend,..). And he blames God for all. At the end of one extremely bad day, he flips out and lashes on God. God fights back and gives him the power to run the universe.


Bruce Almighty is a very funny and intelligent comedy that tackles some very tricky and serious issues and does that successfully and with great taste.

The First issue is that of God. The movie was banned in many countries as it was deemed sacreligious. It is my belief however that the movie glorifies God (Irrespective of what your idea of God is) and strengthens one’s faith rather than shatters it. For example, a romantic show off by Bruce (getting the moon much closer), results in huge tidal waves and major navigational disasters. And, In one of the wonderfully brilliant scenes of the movie, answering all prayers for all 400,000 people living in one neighborhood results in everyone winning the lottery’s (Who hasn’t asked God to win the lottery?) first prize but ending up with 17 dollars only each. Riots ensue.

‘But since when does anyone have a clue about what they want? ‘

So much so, that shortly after being granted all these Godly’s powers, Bruces pleads with God to take them back and declares that he succumbs to His power.

The Second is how one tends to miss the forest for the trees and be blinded to what really matters and in the process destroy that as well. Bruce is funny, popular, and with a loving girlfriend yet he is so miserable. He flips, loses his job (source of income), destroys his car, and seriously sabotages his relationship.

The movie succeeds in conveying a strong message in that regard.

But serious issues aside, what makes this movie shine is Jim Carrey being at his funniest. There are numerous scenes that are nothing less than hilarious, favorite being when the news anchor is possessed by Bruce and starts uttering jibberish live. I laughed so hard that I literally kicked the guy sitting in front of me in the movie theatre. It was just unbelievably funny. Another favorite is when Bruce flips out on the Maid of the Mist as he becomes aware that he did not get the anchor job he wanted.

Add to that many of his classic gimmicks, a very entertaining script with lots of panache, and an excellent performance by Morgan Freeman and you got an absolute winner.

Highly recommended for all ages.

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