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Little Miss Sunshine Memorable Movie Scenes

Posted on January 22nd, 2007 filed in Memorable Movie Scenes    |   

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There is so much to like in this very entertaining and really charming sleeper hit of 2006

1) The corpse stealing scene

2) The way the gang would load their minivan….Priceless

3) Olive Dance routine and the family chumming in

4) The breaking of the vow of silence

5) The first family breakfast with Olive quizzing her gay suicidal uncle, foul talking grandpa, high achieving loser dad, and nihilist Dwayne

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One Response to “Little Miss Sunshine Memorable Movie Scenes”

  1. John Monroe Says:

    Little Miss Sunshine is an amazing movie with many memorable scenes!!! I tend to agree with you on all of them, they are just hilarious! But the scene that really did it for me was the last one when Olive (what an adorable, cute little girl) started doing her number for the beauty pageant in front of everybody! It was so unexpected, well done and funny I was literally laughing out loud all by myself which is a very rare occurrence! Just memorable and a must see!

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