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Memorable Movie Scene: Crash

Posted on February 26th, 2006 filed in Memorable Movie Scenes    |   

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[Brandon Frasier (Rick) trying to calm down his wife Jean (Sandra Bullock) after having their car stolen at gun point by two black youths. Jean has just had the locks on her houes changed but the locksmith was latin looking. Maria is the Mexican housekeeper.]

Jean: I want the locks changed again in the morning.
Rick: You what? Look, why don’t you just go lie down, huh? Have you checked on James?

Jean: Well of course I’ve checked on James. I’ve checked on him every five minutes since we’ve been home. Do not patronize me. I want the locks changed again in the morning.
Rick: Shhh. It’s ok. Just go to bed, all right?
Jean: [interrupting] You know what, didn’t I just tell you not to treat me like a child?
Maria: I’m sorry Mrs. Jean. It’s okay?… I go home now?
Rick: It’s fine. Thank you very much for staying Maria.
Maria: You’re welcome. No problem. Goodnight Mrs. Jean.
Jean: [Rudely] Goodnight.
Rick: [to Maria] We’ll see you tomorrow.
Jean: I would like the locks changed again in the morning. And you know what, you might mention that next time we’d appreciate it if they didn’t send a gang member…
Rick: A gang member?
Jean: Yes, yes.
Rick: What do you mean? That kid in there?
Jean: Yes. The guy in there with the shaved head, the pants around his ass, the prison tattoos.
Rick: Those are not prison tattoos.
Jean: [Interrupting] Oh really? And he’s not gonna go sell our key to one of his gang banger friends the moment he is out our door?
Rick: You’ve had a really tough night. I think it would be best if you just went upstairs right now and…
Jean: [Interrupting] And what? Wait for them to break in?
Jean: [Yelling] I just had a gun pointed in my face!
Rick: [Agitated] You lower you voice!
Jean: [Yelling] … and it was my fault because I knew it was gonna happen. But if a white person sees two black men walking towards her and she turns and walks in the other direction, she’s a racist, right?
Jean: Well I got scared and I didn’t say anything and ten seconds later I had a
[Jabbing her finger into Rick’s chest]
Jean: gun in my face. Now I am telling you, your amigo in there is gonna sell our key to one of his homies and this time it’d be really fucking great if you acted like you actually gave a shit!

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