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Favorite Movie Scenes: The Sweetest Thing

Posted on January 11th, 2004 filed in Memorable Movie Scenes    |   

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I just saw this movie again on DVD and it is sooooooooo funny.

My favorite scenes include:

1) Selma’s dude’s ring stuck in her mouth and ‘too big to fit in here’ song that fixed the problem (Only on unrated version of DVD)

2) Selma taking the stained dress to the drycleaner and meeting her parents church friends

3) Cameron dropping the lipstick in front of Christina and her attempt to recover it while the gang biker watches. Christina is driving and plays along
4) Christina and Cameron in the men’s restroom and Christina reading the poem off the wall

5) The romantic ending with Christina and Peter (Those Cameron eyes….sigh)

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One Response to “Favorite Movie Scenes: The Sweetest Thing”

  1. Denise Says:

    I loved this movie and I think it is a good idea to watch it again on DVD…I remember I went to see with my girlfriends and we laughed so hard…It is an excellent movie that portrays single life with girlfriends in a fun way…I agree with all those scenes you wrote because I still remember them to this date….my favorite is the one with Selma and the song….too funny!

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