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Double Dipping: Seinfeld had it Right after All

Posted on February 2nd, 2008 filed in Nutrition    |   

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In one classic episode of Seinfeld, George Castanza is sternly reprimanded by another party guest when caught double dipping his chip in the salsa sauce:

“That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip.”

A recent study has confirmed that indeed this could well be the case.

The research, by food science students at Clemson University in S.C., has discovered that for every time an already bitten salsa chip went back into the bowl, 1000s of bacterial cells got transferred from the muncher to that bowl. Now extrapolates this into a party with tens or hundreds of guests double dipping and you would end with a massive amount of bacteria in that bowl!

So how come people don’t get sick at these parties with lots of double dippers? Turns out that the vast majority of mouth bacteria protects one’s health rather than them being harmful. Kissing does involve mutual sharing of mouth bacteria and no one normally gets sick from kissing. So the issue is more of the matter being disgusting than harmful. It’s like a large group of people exchanging saliva. Yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky. I am getting nauseous just by writing this post.

So in conclusion, gatherings should really enforce a 0% double dipping policy. Personally? No more Soup (I mean sauce) for me!

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2 Responses to “Double Dipping: Seinfeld had it Right after All”

  1. Darrel Says:

    So from I gather from your post that eating some salsa at a party is like having a huge orgie!!! That is funny, but if we do indeed share all this bacteria yet our defense mechanism is resilient to it and we are protected and do get sick, well I guess then NO WORRIES! The way I look at it is that if we have evolved to develop a certain defense mechanism against an action, this means that this specific action is supposed to be part of our life…so your article has reassured me that double and triple dipping is no problem….Bacteria is all around us, it is in the air we breath, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, our fingers that often touch our mouths and faces, the beds we sleep in, our own bodies are fill with good and bad bacteria…it literally is all around us and all over us…as long as it does not represent a danger to our health, we should not worry too much about it and become freaks that miss out on the fun…

  2. Lsean Armatrading Says:

    Uhhh… this is to the comment above by Darrel. I have three very important fabricated words for you. DEE DEE DEE. If, by any chance, you are wondering what those words mean, just look them up online and you shall soon find out. Had you properly read the article you would realize that they did not say that double dipping was bad or harmful. Don’t take a statement to an extreme. Virus’ are all around us, in our bodies, around us and etc. That doesn’t mean that we should just not care about them. That’s the kind of attitude that could some day get you very sick or kill you. I had a nasal infection, guess what it was from? Bacteria that i had breathed in, thus although bacteria is all around us, we should still take into consideration their harmful effects and take some measures to guard against them. That is not being a freak, obviously you’re stopping fully consider the matter before you make comments. Other than that you do have a point, people shouldn’t be overly cautious to the point where it interferes with their life, but being safe is never a freak thing. Also, your statement that the fact that “if we have evolved to develop a certain defense mechanism against an action, this means that this specific action is supposed to be part of our life” is just completely baseless. What sort of reasoning is that? Because our bodies can protect against harmful bacteria doesn’t mean they are supposed to be part of our life. It merely means that in order to survive our bodies developed ways to protect us from things which were not naturally occurring within or bodies, such as harmful bacteria. Take note, I am aware that there are harmful bacteria that are naturally occurring within our bodies. unlike you, i actually made note of something which could stand as an exception to what i said but i also took the time to explain why. Have fun, ignorance is bliss.

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