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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Posted on February 7th, 2008 filed in Nutrition    |   

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Dark chocolate, unlike milk or white chocolate has been proved to have a myriad of health benefits.

1) Many dark chocolate bars are sugar free and offer excellent alternatives for anyone on low glycemic diet. As a matter of fact, dark chocolate is a perfect dessert for those that love chocolate but are at risk for metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance.

2) Dark chocolate has been shown to actually lower blood pressure in a recent German study. The study showed that 100 grams of dark chocolate daily lead to a decrease of 5 points in systolic and 2 points in diastolic blood pressure. Credit here goes to plant phenols found in cocoa. These are known to decrease blood pressure and found in higher concentration in european chocolate.

3) Dark chocolate unlike other types of chocolates is rich with antioxidants which eliminate free radicals, the harmful molecules thought to cause heart disease. This benefit disappears however once milk comes to the equation. Milk seems to prevent the absorption of the antioxidants and thus eliminating their health benefit.

It is worth remembering that dark chocolate remains high in calories accordingly moderation is key. 100 grams per day would translate into 400 calories so either work these off in the gym or eat less. Make sure however not to replace any of the required healthy foods like fruits and vegetables instead opt to phase out desert and other sugary food in favor of dark chocolate.

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2 Responses to “Dark Chocolate Health Benefits”

  1. Danielle Says:

    This article is of special interest to me, specially since I have gained some weight recently and my latest blood tests showed a high resistance to insulin…naturally, I was told to cut on carbohydrates and sugar in order to lose the weight and not enter the epidemic of type 2 diabetes….however, I crave chocolate, I really cannot not have at least this bite of chocolate after a big meal. So, as advised, I started buying dark chocolate. The bitter taste of dark chocolate is an acquired taste, and take it from a milk chocolate, caramel, sweet lover, the dark chocolate taste will beat them all once you give it a chance…However, much to my dismay, most dark chocolate bars have added sugar to them which….humm..sort of defeat the entire purpose…so I had to do some digging and label reading and I found out that there are some bars without added sugar or sweetened with Splenda, etc…. I have to admit that they are more expensive, but definitely worth the investment!

    Other than the benefits of great taste and low in sugar, I am surprised and pleased to find out that it helps in blood pressure and is rich in antioxidant! That is just fantastic! It is delicious and good for you…I guess, the calorie intake has to remain under control though ;) !!!!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Dark chocolate still is cooked and contains active caffiene (which occurs when it’s cooked).
    You should check out raw cacao, if you want real health benefits. It’s more bitter than dark chocolate if you’re just eating the beans, but with agave nectar, which doesn’t change your blood sugar lever and is way sweet, it’s really good.
    Check out raw cacao, it’s chocolate as it’s MEANT to be. And way WAY better, and not at all bad for you in the slightest!
    Might wanna check out the other superfoods like maca and mesquite, etc and be prepared to enter a way of looking at food you might’ve not thought about before.
    Or maybe you did, because you’re special.
    I’d be interested in what you think.

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