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Nutrition: A good source of Calcium

Posted on April 13th, 2004 filed in Nutrition    |   

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I was given this tip today about a good natural source of calcium. All one needs is a wide mouthed mason jar, some lemon juice, and some eggshells. Just soak the eggshells in lemon juice until they stop bubbling, and voila! You have a highly assimilable source of calcium called calcium citrate. The eggs may be soaked before or after using the contents within (doesn’t matter).

I already eat a lot of eggs, so this would be a way of getting extra calcium for free. Plus the eggshells are likely to contain other trace nutrients that work in cooperation with calcium. It’s no good to supplement with x amount of calcium if collaborating nutrients are out of ratio.

Excellent tip.

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One Response to “Nutrition: A good source of Calcium”

  1. lili Says:

    I don’t understand, you soak the eggshells in lemon juice, you let it boil and then drink it? I thought Egg shells carried lots of bacteria, no?
    and if not, how does this ix taste? I need more calcium and I cannot take Calcium supplements that give me a stomach ache so your advice would be appreciated!

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