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Kiss Me You Fool

Posted on November 22nd, 2006 filed in Health    |   

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A Japanese study recently showed that kissing can reduce allergic reactions as well as boost the immune system to fight infections. According to the study kissing will increase the production of the Th1 cytokines and white blood cells and these stop the production of IgE, the antibody that starts the allergic reaction.

Other health benefits of kissing include:

  1. The extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque.
  2. A serious, tongue-tangling French kiss exercises all the underlying muscles of the face and thus help keep these young.
  3. Kissing burns 2 calories per minute

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One Response to “Kiss Me You Fool”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Very cool!!!! I always felt that kissing is good for you, not just on a psychological level but on the physiological level as well…. Wow, I never thought that can you lose calories….My boyfriend is on a diet, I sure am going to lend him a hand and suggest this helpful, enjoyable way of loosing weight….Let’s see how many hours of kissing would 800 calories/day be?

    Definitely beats going to the gym!!!!

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