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Got Asthma? Make Sure You Are Well Stocked

Posted on January 4th, 2007 filed in Health    |   

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25% of asthma sufferers fall upon an empty inhaler during an asthma attack leading to more serious problems states a study at the Capital Allergy and Respiratory Disease Center.

One should take note of the number of doses listed on the package insert and keep count as there is no way to tell how much medication one has used and the inhaler still puffs air even when empty. Even better would be to attach a battery operated counter to the inhaler’s top.

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One Response to “Got Asthma? Make Sure You Are Well Stocked”

  1. Mary Staite Says:

    Great Tip and it literally can save someone’s life!!! I always keep at least one spare inhaler for my daughters wherever we go, and in my purse and in the car…. It is such a horrible, sneaky disease… What I don’t understand is what is causing all these children to have severe asthma attacks… all my children, nieces, nephews…etc have asthma! It must be something in the environment :(

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