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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Week 20

Posted on July 29th, 2004 filed in Training Log    |   

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I repeated my body composition test and results were as follows:

Body weight: 188 pounds (221 lbs on March 15, 2004)
Fat percentage: 20% (28% on March 15, 2004)
Fat mass: 37.6 pounds (62 pounds on March 15, 2004)

So in 20 weeks, I managed to shed 25 pounds of fat (averaging 1.25 pounds of fat loss per week). I achieved 33 pounds of weight loss or 1.65 pound of weight loss per week.

During that same time period, I saw my strength increasing significantly. While I required an 80 lbs assistance for chinups, I can now do a set of 10 without assistance. I can chest press 230 pounds compared to 80 lbs I started with.

Overall, I am very pleased. I am aware however that I still have a way to go. I am still 8 pounds above where the body composition machine says I should be. I also would like to see myself at no more than 18% fat percentage.

Strength wise I am very pleased mostly because I am finally capable of completing a set of 10 chinups without requiring any assistance. I would be very happy if I manage to maintain this level of strength.

Size wise, I was ecstatic today to slip into some of my size-33-pants, something I have not been able to do for a long time.

My goals for the next 4 weeks are accordingly 8 pounds of weight loss, 2% of fat loss, while maintaining my strength and size.

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