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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Week 2 Ends

Posted on March 26th, 2004 filed in Training Log    |   

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I completed another 4 days training cycle today. All went well and all numbers remain unchanged. My trainer believes this is normal as my body is readjusting to exercise. He expects musce memory to kick in and that I should gradually start seeing my numbers improve.

I have not weighed myself since Monday as per my decision to measure my weight once a week, every Monday immediately after waking up. This I find eseential for consistency and preventing neurotic obsession with weight measurement.

I am doing well on my nutrition and have abided mostly by my new eating lifestyle. Sweet cravings are becoming almost non existent. Junk food is now completely phased out. I do not even desire french fries anymore. That by itself is an achievement. I hope that I will be nicely rewarded on Monday when I again check my weight.

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