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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Week 12

Posted on June 4th, 2004 filed in Training Log    |   

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The weight loss that resumed last week continue this week with another 2.5 pounds down. Current weight stands at 203 pounds. Suddenly, reaching my goal does not seem that far fetched despite the fact that over the preceeding few weeks I decided that I would be extremely happy if I make it to 182 by end of July as long as I keep my lean body mass gains and my strength keeps improving.

I continue to do aerobics and my eating regimen is tighter than ever. I let go of the shakes and fiber supplements, and upped my leafy vegetables. I still have around 2 lbs of fruits a day but I am having only those with the lowest glycemic load (strawberries, cherries,..)
I am again noticing some improvements in my weight lifting numbers:

Chest Press: 150 (150) lbs
Incline Chest Press: 140 (140) lbs
Preacher Curl: 75 (70) lbs
Chinups: 20 (20) lbs
Lateral Pull Down : 130 (125) lbs
Seated Rows: 135 (135) lbs
Triceps Push down: 80 (80) lbs
Triceps Extension : 100 (90) lbs
Leg Press: 500 (450) lbs
Leg Extension: 80 (80) lbs
Leg Curl: 135 (135) lbs
Shoulder Press: 120 (90) lbs
Seated Lateral raise: 100 (95) lbs
Rear Deltoid: 105 (100) lbs
Forward Crunches: 3×30 (3×30)
Reverse Crunches: 3×25 (unchanged)

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