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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Week 10

Posted on May 21st, 2004 filed in Training Log    |   

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My weight Monday again reflected 1 pound of weight loss.

I repeated my body composition test:

Weight: 207.9 lbs vs 210 lbs 1 month ago

Fat Percentage: 24.7% vs. 25.8% 1 month ago
Fat Mass: 51.4 lbs vs. 54.2 lbs 1 month ago

Goals to reach by end of July:

Weight: 175 lbs (Lose 32.5 pounds)
Fat Percentage: 17% (Drop 7.7%)
Fat mass: 30 lbs (lose 21.2 lbs)

There is tangible progress yet is going at a slower rate than I expected. If I continue to lose around 2.5 lbs of fat per 5 week period, then it’s 0.5 lb per week or 45 weeks until I reach my goal :( . That’s quite depressing. Time for some additional research to what I can do to increase my weight loss.

My trainer is suggesting I do start doing high intensiy cardio on my off days. He wants 50 continuous minutes (warmup and cooldown do not count here) with high intensity aerobic exercise keeping my heart rate at around 140-160 beats per minute. I will start these next week.

My weight lifting numbers this week (4×12) are almost identical to last week with one exception. My chinups now require 30 lbs of assistance instead of 40 lbs. That by itself is wonderful to see.

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