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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Fitness Test: March 15, 2004

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Had my body composition test today. Also had my first personal training session.

A) Body composition:

Weight: 221 lbs !
Fat Percentage: 28% !!!!

Fat Mass: 62 lbs

Goals to reach by end of July:

Weight: 175 lbs (Lose 46 pounds)
Fat Percentage: 17% (Drop 11%)
Fat mass: 30 lbs (lose 32 lbs)

B) Weights lifted:

Muscle groups covered today: Chest, and Biceps, 2 exercises each. Each erxercise consists of 4 sets of 10 repetitions. Weight is to be advanced whenever a set is completed successfully.

Chest Press: 80 lbs
Incline Press: 70 lbs
Preacher curl: 60 lbs
Biceps curl: 60 lbs

Did also one set of chinups and requested 80 lbs of assistance.

Strength Goal: 200 lbs in chest press and ability to do one set of 10 chinups with no assistance by July 31st.

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