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Getting Back in Shape Log >> The Fiber Supplement Trap

Posted on May 5th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log    |   

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I had an interesting discovery today. The fiber supplements I am taking are loaded with added sugar! Each tbsp has 3 grams fiber and 8.5 grams sugar. As I get around 6 tbsps every day, that’s more than 50 grams added sugar. I have a feeling this is playing a major role as to why I am not progressing weight wise. Those supplements had no nutritional info on and so I called manufacturer and was shocked to learn about that.

I have dropped my shakes to 2 a day each 1 scoop. So that’s total 2 instead of 6 per day. I am still getting around 315 pounds of protein (1.5 per lb of TbW for 210 lbs) as per Body Rx. I am getting most of my proteins from chicken breast, liver, eggs, natural yoghurt, and some vegetables.

Regarding vegetables, I ‘discovered’ alfalfa sprouts which I find delicious. I am now having close to 290 grams a day (0.6 pounds) and that’s a good source of fiber and protein and no sugars.

My strawberry intake is down to 1 pint per day (around 0.9 lbs)

I am hoping some weight loss will occur this week and thereafter

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