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Getting Back in Shape Log >> Calcium intake

Posted on April 11th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log    |   

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I checked the RDA and it is 1000 mg based on a 200 calories diet which is what I am roughly on now.

Among what I am eating, the richest by far is my complete meal replacement hi protein shake, giving 70% of RDA. That’s 700 mgs.

I am also getting calcium from the carbonated waters I drink (1/2 a gallon carbonated water per day) giving me 200 mgs of calcium

I also found that:

2 breasts of chicken: 52 mgs of calcium
iceberg lettuce: each 108 mg, both 216
2 pounds of strawberries: 144 mg
2 apples: 17 mg
1 orange: 65 mg
egg whites: 28 mg

So that’s a total of 1422 mg or around 140% the RDA.

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