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The Fiber Supplement Trap

Posted on May 5th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log
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I had an interesting discovery today. The fiber supplements I am taking are loaded with added sugar! Each tbsp has 3 grams fiber and 8.5 grams sugar. As I get around 6 tbsps every day, that’s more than 50 grams added sugar. I have a feeling this is playing a major role as to why I am not progressing weight wise. Those supplements had no nutritional info on and so I called manufacturer and was shocked to learn about that.

I have dropped my shakes to 2 a day each 1 scoop. So that’s total 2 instead of 6 per day. I am still getting around 315 pounds of protein (1.5 per lb of TbW for 210 lbs) as per Body Rx. I am getting most of my proteins from chicken breast, liver, eggs, natural yoghurt, and some vegetables.

Regarding vegetables, I ‘discovered’ alfalfa sprouts which I find delicious. I am now having close to 290 grams a day (0.6 pounds) and that’s a good source of fiber and protein and no sugars.

My strawberry intake is down to 1 pint per day (around 0.9 lbs)

I am hoping some weight loss will occur this week and thereafter

Eating regimen modified

Posted on April 19th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log
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I dropped one shake out, added calcium supplements, added multivitamin, and significantly increased my intake of leafy vegetables. I am averaging 4 pounds of vegetables and 2 pounds of fruits a day. I am also having fiber1 cereal instead of psyllium fiber supplements. Zero added sugar, zero trans fats, no starch after 5pm. largest two meals around workout. 1.5 grams of protein per lb of total body weight. Almost no carbs outside vegetables and fruits. I am drinking 3/4 gallon of water daily but need more as I was found to be only 50% hydrated.

Calcium intake

Posted on April 11th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log
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I checked the RDA and it is 1000 mg based on a 200 calories diet which is what I am roughly on now.

Among what I am eating, the richest by far is my complete meal replacement hi protein shake, giving 70% of RDA. That’s 700 mgs.

I am also getting calcium from the carbonated waters I drink (1/2 a gallon carbonated water per day) giving me 200 mgs of calcium

I also found that:

2 breasts of chicken: 52 mgs of calcium
iceberg lettuce: each 108 mg, both 216
2 pounds of strawberries: 144 mg
2 apples: 17 mg
1 orange: 65 mg
egg whites: 28 mg

So that’s a total of 1422 mg or around 140% the RDA.

Meal Plan and Daily Food Intake

Posted on April 11th, 2004 filed in Food Intake Log
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I am structuring my meals with Body RX recommendations in mind.

I am having 6 meals a day, decreasing carbs as day progresses, having most carbs after and before workout. At this point in time I am having 1.5 gram of protein per lb of body weight and have cut down my carbs quite significantly (less than 1 gram per lb of body weight) with almost no added sugars.

Typical nutrition day:

meal 1: 16 egg whites, 1 cubic square of feta cheese, apple, 100 grams plain whole milk yogurt (384 Cals, 56 protein 6.87 fat, 4.64 sta fat, 24.5 C, 3.73 fiber )


meal 2: High protein meal replacement shake with 1 tbsp psyllium (326 cals, 45 grams protein, 32 grams carbs (2 gram sugar,8 grams fiber), 2 grams fat ( 1 gram saturated)

meal 3: 1/2 pound of grilled skinless breast chicken, One iceberg lettuce, 1 orange (500 cals, 70 grams protein, 44 C, 11.65 grams fiber, 4.7 fat-1 sat fat)

meal 4: Protein shake: Egg Protein powder with 1 pound of strawberries and 1 tablespoon of psyllium fiber (358 cals, 44 P 43.4 C 19.66 fiber)

meal 5: Protein shake: Egg Protein powder with 1 pound of strawberries (326 cals, 46.5 P 35.4 C 11.66 fiber)

meal 6: Tuna can with one iceberg lettuce (240 cals, 53 P, 7 C , 4.5 fiber)

Total: 2125 cals, 312 protein, 13.57 fat (7.64 sat fat) , 187 carbs, 60 grams fiber, 2 grams added sugar

Calorie Distribution: 58% P, 7% fat, 35% carbs, 11.3% fiber

I drink around 1 gallon of water daily.


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